Augur (REP) Buy Opportunity

BITTREX:REPBTC   Augur / Bitcoin



(1) .005756
(2) .007114
(3) .008289
(4) .009555



Reasoning -

( Daily chart ) This coin has pretty much bottomed out. It can only go up from here and the charts are showing that it's getting ready for an uptrend. 50 EMA is crossing the 100 EMA which is always a good sign. Stoch and DMI are showing an uptrend coming soon. While I believe the MACD is going to start a strong uptrend in the near future. This trade may take up to a couple weeks to develop and may dip down to stop-loss before uptrend breaks out. Augur is also approaching a release which will only help push this coin to farther targets. Augur's circulating supply is only 11 mil so don't let the price scare you away.

**If post receives any likes I will continue updating**
評論: (1) .005756 **Target Reached at 0.006399**
(2) .007114
(3) .008289
(4) .009555

This trade still remains open. I think we can hit target (2) no problem. Many indicators are still showing there's room for growth. Feel free to sell near targets on the way up to secure profits.

I like moving my stop-loss up with price to secure farther profits in case of a trade turning south. So I am setting my new stop-loss at .0051

Have patience and I think this coin can keep preforming for us.
評論: Still playing out as expected.

I am going to move my stop-loss up to .0059-.006 if you want to ensure profits but looks like we still have room to grow.
評論: (1) .005756 **Target Reached at 0.006399**
(2) .007114 **Target Reached**
(3) .008289
(4) .009555

Move up stop-loss again to something comfortable for you. Take profits if you wish, we may see a slight dip for rebuy but is somewhat risky. I am going to continuing holding, I think we have some more gas in the tank.
評論: Trade still active.
This coin is slowing down on the short term charts which is expected after a 160% increase. It is very common for a coin to do a "Fibonacci retracement" where it will drop down to our 1st target (.0058) before the next up.
If you aren't sure what to do either take profits and wait for a rebuy if it drops, or set a stop-loss that is comfortable for you. I think our 3rd target is still very possible but may take some time to develop after this needed recovery.
Personally, I took some profits at .0073 and will use that shortly to rebuy.
評論: Keep watch for the .005756 line. If we see it dip below this then I might close the trade. I think it will bounce back up before though and will see our 3rd target be tested if not soon in the next few days.
評論: Hopefully everyone set the appropriate stop-losses or took profits at the 160% spike. This trade still has room to turn around but for now it’s at your own risk, if it starts breaking back up I’ll update the buy-in.
評論: Trade is still active. Majority of the market is painted in red right now so no worries for our trade seeing the dip it is still in. It looks like it'll recover just fine and start pressing more targets. May take a couple days to develop, just have to have patience. I bought back in from my stop-loss proceeds.
評論: (1) .005756 **Target Reached at 0.006399**
(2) .007114 **Target Reached**
(3) .008289 **Target Reached**
(4) .009555
評論: (1) .005756 **Target Reached at 0.006399**
(2) .007114 **Target Reached**
(3) .008289 **Target Reached**
(4) .009555 **Target Reached**

Will be busy today till later in the day, I’ll update then if we are going to keep going on this trade or close it.
評論: I am going to go ahead and close this trade as all targets were reached. If you want to continue holding I think it could hit .01, it got pretty close today. If you followed this trade I hope you were able to make 200% plus profit with me as we started at .0047 and peaked at .0097.
Awesome. Unfortunately I've missed the opportunity to sell at 0.0082 (now it's just 0.00688740). But looks like it will reach .009555 very soon. According to weekly development update in 3 weeks auditing will be completed and probably in 1-2 weeks whitepaper will be published.
Looks like it's the bottom now (0.0057). Another wave is coming :)
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lamppole mihserf
@mihserf, plus most cost are hurting right now. So I think it’ll be able to really come out of this slump when the market picks up.
Where do you think this will stop?
lamppole hugofmaximo
@hugofmaximo, I think it can hit the 3rd target (.0082) but it is losing some steam on the short term charts. I'll continue to monitor closely.
hugofmaximo lamppole
@lamppole, thanks.
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This idea earned me 25% over night. Purchased at .00475500 and sold this morning at .00594375. Thanks!
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lamppole flizit
@flizit, glad to hear that! Thanks for checking out my analysis!
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