Silver Accumulation Phase - Wyckoff Analysis - 3D TF - $XAG

TVC:SILVER   白銀差價合約(美元/盎司)
Wyckoff analysis for $silver $xag

5 years of selling between 2011 and 2016 led to a Selling Climax (bottom). An Automatic Rally followed, which set the ceiling for the accumulation range, i.e., between $18.5 and $21.

Ongoing, very long Accumulation Phase, to date. Wyckoff fundamentals suggest the longer the accumulation phase, the longer the rally.

A Secondary Test appeared during Accumulation.

Spring will kickoff breakout and rally.

Rapid hedging for the next recession may serve as a catalyst for the upcoming silver rally.

Open interest for silver has started to appear, as of October 2017.

Accumulate now.
評論: Silver accumulation by JP Morgan:

"Well since April 2011, JPMorgan has started accumulating physical silver at extraordinary pace. It is believed that at least 675 million ounces of actual silver is held by JPMorgan in their warehouse. That is 6 times more than Warren Buffett and Hunt brothers."


*Note: JP Morgan has heavy hands in this market. 2011 is when prices for silver started to decline, as noted above.

A future signal from JP Morgan can be considered powerful and relevant.
評論: $GPL Fiscal Year 2017 Report - released today

This is relevant perspective from a major $SLV miner
評論: Something to consider: Silver price is heavily manipulated by futures contracts. Hence, it is important to accumulate PHYSICAL silver
Agreed MoonPickle. Waiting till it hits rock bottom is a very bad play. Considering what the potential payout will be after a longterm hold, pinching pennies now isn't saving anyone much at all.
IF lets say this "crisis" hits, it'll hit hard with ZERO mercy. the window of opportunity would be tiny & even IF one got through it, would then have to worry about physical delivery and order fulfillment. Already premiums have gone up on straight up Bullion. Not by much no less they have. Even if one were to get "in" at 14's or 15's, who's to say dealers won't hike premiums to make up for ST losses.
Were in a time of increasing speculation & volatility. Considering we've become acclamated to buying in the 17-18's, this low 16-"dollar" range is a GIFT..yet many are ignoring it. Lastly having that said..imagine your "dollar" being 50% useless & falling. $16 today VS 30- $60 tomorrow for the same 1oz of SIlver PLUS a premium.. IF at that time you can even get it.
$16's is the safety zone. If it hits 30's, you doubled up & EVEYTHING thereafter is free $, (whichever that may be).

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MoonPickle retroparts
@retroparts, i agree with you that trying to find the bottom is risky, which is unnecessary (imo) in accumulation

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Nice work here.
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MoonPickle Tastemaker
@Tastemaker, thanks!
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