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Found some patterns again. Consider this post primarily as entertainment...

US debt clock currently $737 / Ounze for silver             . US debt seems to be doubled every 10 years. So that means that in 2030 it should be about $1500 / Ounze. Add some fractional reserve lending to that and that extra $700 becomes $7000. Add some worldwide financial enlightment to that, a broken derivative market, and a crushed bonds - and voilà, the silver             price may just end up at $15'000 year 2030.
評論: Added an attraction point.
評論: Okay, let's have a target for December 2018.
$90 is a realistic target.
評論: Zoomed in: A big resistance at $22. After that it should move pretty much unstoppable towards $90.
評論: So the target for 2018 at $90 is positioned on the Fibonacci ring marked with a fat red line in the chart below.
評論: Now go and buy some physical silver (not investment advice). :)
評論: Update:
評論: Broke out it seems.
評論: Zoomed out. Red fat line is resistance.
評論: Silver is getting squeezed inbetween those two giant rings (looks like linear lines because of their "hugeness"). Here's a zoomed out and zoomed in view of the phenomenon. Don't ask me what it means, I have no clue. Maybe some pressure is accumulating inside that channel... Like a volcano getting ready to blow. At least in my dreams. But a very friendly silver volcano. Hmm...

評論: There's a tendency of Silver price to go to $21.5 level where it will meet some solid resistance. After that I'm thinking about the $90 level (let's say $100 instead). A sweet level that will make your mouth water, at least mine is. And then you just stay in and wait some years for $400 where I sell some (like a 1/3 or 1/2) and then I wait until 2030 where I sell the rest. That's the plan for now.
評論: AI trading bots just trade from the left had to the right hand zero sum game, whilst the true value is found using OccultMagnetism.
評論: Silver looks as if it's breaking out in brittich pounds chart:

Finacial expert 'maneco64' talks about this in his daily podcast:
評論: I remember it was spelled "Brittish" when I was small but because of quantum entaglement and retocausality it has now been changed to "British" with one "t". I believe that this retrocausality is the cause of the OccultMagnetism phenomenon also. It cannot be proven though.
評論: And what means the word "Retrocausality"?

Retrocausality or Backwards causation is a concept of cause and effect where the effect precedes its cause in time. Retrocausality is primarily a thought experiment in philosophy of science based on elements of physics, addressing whether the future can affect the present and whether the present can affect the past.
評論: Pfft... Crashing to one of the magical trend lines.
評論: Central bankers tricks isn't strong enough to beat the occultmagnetism trendlines...
評論: They are weak and predictable.
評論: Hitting "Dead end" now. C'mon try push it lower.
Nice try to play on ppls FOMO. what u think the feeble will believe this and go buy silver and then at least what, they will have some or u will cause a flood of buyers to help us all silver holder with a skyrocket of pm prices.

Its 2018 silver is under 17 for it to go to 90+ we need a 539% increase in 7 mo. Not even the IRAN was that is coming will accomplish that. And another logical reason it won't happen is that u think every peasant and hippy with some silverware will become 250k richer?

I DONT THINK SO. But good luck
Bullion_Money Bullion_Money
we will see sub $10 even $7 before your $90
Bullion_Money Bullion_Money
$165 yes thats possible by 2020
Bullion_Money Bullion_Money
Not even the IRAN "WAR" that is coming will accomplish that.
LogicalDeduction Bullion_Money
I see you do ideas about crypto currency. That means you understand the failure of fiat money. If you understand the failure of fiat money, you should also understand the failure of government (debt based system with empty promises). Since you understand the failure of government you should also understand how close it is to collapsing. If I were to mention low birth rates and low fertility of western world, maybe there would ring a bell of something you're familiar with. And if I were to tell you that Illinois' pension crisis and that there is a new creative idea to fund it all with 1% yearly tax on the house value, you may know what I'm talking about. And maybe Illinois is just the first to go.

When just when is it old school to call the description reality of fear mongering.
Maybe the connections with the fall of the Roman empire is more than just a coincidence.
In both there have been the same deformed manufactured incentives, creating the same ugly result, with empty promises resulting in broken pension system.
The government will eat itself up by inflation and everyone trusting it.
Bullion_Money LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, Everything has to do with probability. The USA fate will be that of other debt based assets eventually failure. But the question is Probability and your humanity.

meaning Sure we will fall. But what the probability of that happening in your life or when it matters to you? Sure silver will hit 500+ gold 20k+ but will it be in your life? Are you going to wast other opportunity and wait till silver goes to 300+ or take the current bull market and grow your holding while hedging your bets on a DOW short position?

Your kids will be happy with the pile of silver and living in a hotel eating 2x a day or sell 1/2 that silver buys a house invest in other assets and also have silver.

It's all abt what is more probable and time. Time is the ultimate decision maker.

Live well and eat strong.
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LogicalDeduction Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, What does my humanity have to do with this? (not a question)
LogicalDeduction Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, Maybe I'm a messenger of bad news. But I'm not the source of that evil that I'm focusing my energy to expose. Evil want to hide in the dark where it can operate unseen. Don't be in my way exposing this evil.
LogicalDeduction Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, These blown up ponzi pension schemes are allover the world and it will collapse very very soon. But politicians will refuse to take blame and will please everyone by printing money and giving everyone so everyone is "happy". But until people actually are happy and relax this money will not result in inflation because of the low money velocity (interesting phenomenon). So, when they are happy they will have forgotten about the ill deed of the politician. But the truth is that it's not actually the politicians fault, it's everyone's fault for refusing free speech and silence and shaming ideas from people like me warning about what's going to happen. There's loads of people like me everywhere trying to reach out to the people around us.
LogicalDeduction Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, So everyone should throw away their voting ballots in the trash can because it doesn't matter. Communism coming our way, because the money needs to hyper inflate, for the young don't have any chance in this world. Hyperinflation will remove the money from the old and give it the the young when they work after the reset. Then finally the young can prosper and get lots of babies.

Don't get me wrong. I love capitalism, free market and got two lovely children.
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