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Found some patterns again. Consider this post primarily as entertainment...

US debt clock currently $737 / Ounze for silver             . US debt seems to be doubled every 10 years. So that means that in 2030 it should be about $1500 / Ounze. Add some fractional reserve lending to that and that extra $700 becomes $7000. Add some worldwide financial enlightment to that, a broken derivative market, and a crushed bonds - and voilà, the silver             price may just end up at $15'000 year 2030.
評論: Added an attraction point.
評論: Okay, let's have a target for December 2018.
$90 is a realistic target.
評論: Zoomed in: A big resistance at $22. After that it should move pretty much unstoppable towards $90.
評論: So the target for 2018 at $90 is positioned on the Fibonacci ring marked with a fat red line in the chart below.
評論: Now go and buy some physical silver (not investment advice). :)
評論: Update:
評論: Broke out it seems.
評論: Zoomed out. Red fat line is resistance.
How can i buy silver?
@sushrest, in Europe there is european mint where you can buy VAT free silver.
In US there is alot of sellers. SD bullion, GoldSilver etc.
@sushrest, Norway also got VAT free silver.
This person knows their stuff...
you have my respect

out of a swarm of 'analysts' i finally see one who knows what he/she is doing and i also see the manifestation of the urge to state that this is entertainment as it's amusing that so many can't see the obviousness of market dynamics....


i know this sounds up myself but you're worthy
@optitronics, Thank you! I know that my analysis fails also and is not perfected yet. That plagues me. But I'm programming right now to try to make this art into something less personal so that I can analyze this with more structure and see the covariance between stuff. And if I fail to straiten this theory out to something more trustworthy, I'm convinced that someone else will and put this theory into the history books, sometimes in the future. Eventhough I may not be that person it would still make me happy.
$15,000 in 2030? More like 2020. Internet chatter abound about huge geo-political event/s in spring, most likely in march. Which is just around the corner. Last chance to buy silver at these prices is between now and late feb.
@fortunekr, You got any way to visualize these linguistics (the "chatter")? I'm not going to buy (more) silver, I'm allready full.
Looking at my chart I think it will take some time for silver bull to get to its maximum. Don't underestimate the momentum in US$.
Selling off a part of your stack could be a good idea at $400-$700, I think I'll do like that. Selling off 1/3 or something like that.
Then just wait 10 more years or so... :D
fortunekr LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, well let's just say the chatter comes from some 'unusual' places: remote viewers reckon that somthing bad for the usd will start around march, clif high the webbot guru concurs with further data pointing to a US-NK showdown and a disasterous outcome for US gov, plus march is esoterically the most likely time for bad shit to happen, so all-in-all there is no way on earth silver will just sit there while a global shitstorm occur around it. Even comex and rest of them won't have the power to push that larva back into the volcano - just forget it.

Me selling silver? No way. My bags are far too heavy. We're in the same boat :) The elites as we know them are finished. Their time is up. Sure, some new elites will replaces them, but at least we won't have those child-raping, blood-drinking leeches on our collective backs anymore. There is no force in the universe that can stop us now. Humanity is winning.
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@fortunekr, I think it will take more than 500 years for humanity to learn about these issues. I have very low expectations of humanity. Government have transfered resources from the productive to the parasite classes for so long that they have breed their own army of loyal yes-sayers. The few productive left is too busy with mindless left brain activities, since they got their creative playfulness killed a long time ago by the government indoctrination camps (schools). Limited by their left brain thinking they are incapable of understanding obvious facts. Besides that, some facts requires oneself to judge and not forgive his parents, for their deeds - and if that's not done you're doomed to make the same mistakes for your children and the pain is repeated generation by generation (the only way out is to judge). If you judge, hopefully you can break the destructive loop, since that will result in you judging yourself for the same behavior. After all this world is given to us by our parents - and seeing from that perspective, do parents really love their children? They think they do because they act within what's normal for that culture.
AlexCombo LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, how you are going to sell the rest of your selver, time got change again WWIII is to close, and it's going to be just, puff piff puff, all our staff will disappear Bro, but I belive if everythink settle, we good and your chart will work perfectly !

Best Regards,
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