SPX500: Find the Truth

FX:SPX500   標準普爾500指數
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Vincit omnia veritas . My Award Winning Strategy has worked and it will work again as long as I ignore the time factor and keep my feelings under control.
評論: Now with the play button you can follow my line of thought. I suppose.
評論: We still have a huge amount of SPY options expiring around 240 tomorrow. Expect a fierce fight for those grounds between now and then. I have to admit I had itchy hands yesterday and tried to go against the trend, but that's how I trade.
評論: The big money should be in bigger swings. I'll post my idea on the next swing as soon as the fog has cleared up.
評論: In any case I don't recommend selling into this support. We all make our own decisions. Good luck.
評論: Also, my intel mice told me that we'll be around 208 SPY in a few months. Can you trust the mice though?
評論: How many people went short from 2360 yesterday? Lol. Let's find out.
this picture is all I need
評論: The Force is mesmerizing and this is my message.
I'm done updating for today - need to take care of business.
PM if you feel like discussing.
評論: re-accumulating some longs here for tomorrow, but will hedge at 50%
talk to you tomorrow
評論: lol i thought it was over for today; dynamic hedging is the remedy for the Trap; they just don't want to accept it those futures traders
評論: Nothing has changed overnight and I'm going with a slightly bullish bias for today, although we might not get much movement. I'm off to the pond.
The truth shall set Trump free from his presidency!
Lol. The thought rigidness. Getting pissed off easily. Blaming others. Feeling smart. Lol.
Disguise: to change the customary dress or appearance. They emphasized.
I didn't spit the cognac I asked for more.
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