$steem preparing for breakout?

Steem made a deep correction and bounced exactly on the bottom of the target box.
Its heading towards the top of the channel and already broke RSI trend.

My advice is to wait for breakout and buy when you see a consolidation after breakout on lower timeframe. Check my tutorial "how to trade breakouts" below.

I will update on lower timeframe once we have a valid trade.
評論: We've seen the breakout, followed by a correction which formed a Trend Continuation Pattern.
According to my tradingrules, the correction retraced already enough (into the blue box).

This all is perfect set up for a break out trade, now just wait till we break the trendline for a nice upmove. Good luck!
評論: If the next move is up, we are starting leg 3 out of 5 up.
Based on first leg and its correction, next target should be around 0,000354-0,000358
評論: Typo in target: should be 0,00054-0,00058
評論: Correction a bit more....just wait for the breakout
評論: wrong link above....
Fresh update:
評論: damn, the link doesnt bring you the new set up. Pls search in my posts


its looking good, currently .00036400 on bittrex
It was not typo :D :D 0.00032277 on bittrex now!
Very well called, most impressive.
Wow you called this. Its hovering around $1.41. I'm waiting on consolidation if it comes.
where its the link of the video "how to trade breakouts
Hello. What you think about poloniex? They stoped deposit/withrawals on steem, and prices is too different.
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