STR much asked for update! We are running in profit.

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Currently we are running STRBTC POLONIEX:STRUSDT in a profit, however upside at this moment still seems limited, also we have nothing strong fundamentally at this time to help drive the price up further, BTC loosing steam would help significantly in the short run.
any updates :) ? cuz iam in a big loss dont know wat to do i bought it @0.029 USDT
any news for today mister ?
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@amari7,will do it in the new week :)
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Good sirs, update?
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@Safori, will do it in the new week :)
Only 1 thing that concern me that much is BTC price. It seems following the same pattern on May 26, when it raised and crashed so hard in Polo and all alts were dumped. Do you this likely to happen again?
@camelot0212, we diversify , so we dont have that problem
camelot0212 ApeX_Trading_Group
@ApeX_Trading_Group, I sold all before it's dumped and bought at 1450. Hope it'll recover in next few days.
Guys XRP or STR which one better?

And what are you thinking about Sia and Strat?
@ustcoin, hey all different in there own unique way
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