STR up up an away! Solid fundamentals and technicals!

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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STRBTC should make a move to the upside relatively soon! We have very solid support and once BTC starts correcting we will be on our way! also the Deloitte showed by using the technology that STELLAR can reduce transaction costs by 40% and each transaction taking a total of only 5 seconds! Tempo money transfer, with a $150 billion market is also incorporating its technology. Stellar is has attracted some big players. Deloitte on its own is a brand worth mentioning!

Guys this crypto is very young and has great potential both long and short term. We have solid fundamentals to support our long position and will be using btc strength as buying opportunities.

I bought at 1755 today and I took that decision on my own before seeing what people are talking about here. Glad other people are seeing the same opportunity here. I'm expecting it to go over the 3300.

Disclaimer: im a newbie, just started trading like a week ago so dont take my word for it.
@SavaGeorgiev, We are very bullish on STELLAR long term!
its 1488 satosi.... :(
@sreejon, Hang in there, Its worth holding, patience is key!
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