TIX - possible scenario

BITTREX:TIXBTC   Blocktix / Bitcoin
There is a double buttom right now. Price will must to climb to previous support line at 12k sat. From this level is possible fast rising ...
28th. January upcoming fundamental news...
Very good coin to HODL for year 2018 ! During this summer it will go to the moon from current price
It´s advisor:
評論: it´s forming cup & handle right now ... probably 24 hours for complete handle
1st. target 15k sat.
2nd. target 19k sat.

Good luck
評論: For 1-3 days is possible dumping to 8k. sat. level
評論: We are at previouse support line. If BTC drop, TIX drop too. If not we can easily reach targets soon.
評論: It´s look like the same situation from 13th. January 2018
I don't recommended to place order right now. It's better to wait for confirmation bull or bear...
評論: TIX breakout triangle right now. Bullish confirmation. Good entry position.
From long-term view, TIX probably started 3rd. strongest elliot wave leg.
Good luck
TIX looks to me like it wants to climb from here
Hi can you please check Cannabis coin? CANNBTC Thank you :)
totalisimmo youreign
@youreign, Hi, if you have lock money in CANN, wait for any smaller pump and sell it out immediately. I think the dump is not over and will go deeper to 400 sat. - 700 sat ... You can check daily historical chart. If you are still planning to invest in CANN, I recommend other coins which are much safer. Good luck
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