TRIG Token (TRIG) +1000%

評論: Buy Signal. Trade Active
評論: Trade Active
評論: Trade Active
評論: Buy Signal
交易進行: The Very Good Signal
評論: New 2018 Year. Price = 0.0015
Guys, you are so accurate... Awesome analyse!
Hi can you update this or let us know if this is still valid? thnx in advantage!
hello everyone, what about trig at now? does it actually?
you are naive idiots. it is cheap skam. developers have chucked in a bolt you
MidasTouchTrading denis.grankin1988
@denis.grankin1988, He's going on CNBC tomorrow :)
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mightytrader denis.grankin1988
@denis.grankin1988, Who cares if Trig is a scam? That's what they said about Verge and Einsteinium. Who knows? I buy for profit; not for value. Afaik and can judge, I only trust Bitcoin long-term.
the target clearly in 2018, no need to panic ;)
I bought this coin at 0.00055000 will this coin come again at this price ? I can be crashed =((.. The bank call me so many times..I should suicide.
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mobicom longthanh.bcc
VikasRana longthanh.bcc
@longthanh.bcc, dear i know you loss huge money on this now time is over. in some days u will recover your loss and if u u have some bitcoin but at dip..
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