TRX 543% Opportunity

TRX can do 543% run in near future due to strong fundamentals.
BUT there is no confirmation in technical analysis . YET !!!!
The break of triangle is neccessary and the cross of Crypto Averages.
Do not buy now. Its risky.
Will give the buying guide once, the bull run is activated.
評論: Will wait for break of triangle. DONT ENTER NOW..
評論: Is it a fakeout or real break out...
To identify, we have to test the support...............
Also, there is no strength in the movement.. GREEN Crypto Strength in 1H and 2H.
評論: It seems to be that TRXBTC moved out of the triangle in 1H Chart.
BUT, in 4H Chart, it went back inside..
評論: Now, it has came to me that most traders here don't know or have less knowledge of Technical Analysis..
So, In this update the following chart has Green (target Lines) and Red (Resistance/Support Lines).
Also, Now, i have a good news and bad news..
GOOD NEWS is Williams Alligator is sleeping, the indicator shown in the update. And any time soon, when the alligator awakes, the price will see a sudden LARGE change.
BAD NEWS is the change can be anywhere, bull or bear..
So, keep track of Williams Alligator Indicator and the support and resistance break..
Follow this chart for more..
評論: The unSOLVED mysteries of TRON
評論: Another Dip at this point.. ? Look in the update chart.
Just guessing..
評論: Did you see that dip in TRX.. Already Updated earlier that a dip was coming at that place.... :)
評論: A RISKY buy call, depending on cycle followed by TRX.
Buy : 725
Stop Loss : 600
Target : 1100
交易結束:達到停損點: 1st loss registered.
whata this mean
@scrunji, Risky buy situation. Fibonacci Cycle Coming..
It got out, right?
Thank you for the info!! how likely is the rally? Why is it unlikely to drop further?
I understand support because of hype and news, but what fundamentals are there?
ArihantAhuja VandeHaze
@VandeHaze, Who said it is not unlikely to drop furthur.. ?? It can or mahbe not. The founder of tron has planned trx future the perfect way he could, but mcafee pumped it.. It may cause it more damage then ever.. I am afraid for trx. But there are many things for a crypto coin to deveelop. Their own wallet, is one of the example and these types of announcement can grow it more.
BUT, the main thing is when ????
It can happen this month (willsee grow in price), or in 2nd quarter (will see furthur drop)..
So, the main point is timing of news and rumur.. And technical analysis can give us aid in it.. So, will be updating here.
BUT for now, dont enter long entery untill any furthur confirmation.. Its the money at risk.. PLAY SAFE...
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VandeHaze ArihantAhuja
@ArihantAhuja, I wish i found you earlier. Thanks for the info again and for the reply aswell. im already in pretty hard for my part. But im confident and dont mind holding TRX. But i really hope btc will stay calm for a bit. Goodluck everyone!
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thank you for this ! looking forward to updates
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