OMG... We NEED to talk about TRON. LOVE or HATE?

Hello my beloved fans!

So D4rkEnergY has got hundreds of messages from followers out there, who wants his opinion on TRON! Yes, TRON. The water that divides. THE COIN, you guys, either HATE or LOVE.

So do you really want to hear D4rkEnergYs opinion? Ok, here we go. D4 has no emotions. D4rkEnergY has no feelings. He is always objective, and he is only here to predict, trade and make money. Thats it!

So... We are here taking a look at the 2h TRXUSD chart. After TRONs big pullback we are back in an uptrend. As you can see, the EMA20 is finally above EMA50 and EMA100. At this very moment we are getting support from the EMA20.

We are very soon facing a symmetrical triangle, which is neither bearish nor bullish . The same thing can we say for the MACD . It is pretty indecisive. The RSI is making higher highs and higher lows. But is not really that convincing.

As you can see, D4 has drawn 2 horizontal blue lines which acts as heavy support and resistance levels.

Conclusion. This might be pretty boring, but thats part of trading too. This is an overall indecisive chart, so D4s predicts that we probably will go sideways between the 2 blue lines.

So D4 wants to know. What do you think? And do you love or hate TRON?


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any updates on tron?
raFw BoltyCurry

new sezon in 2019
Love the fact I got it at $.02 hate the fact that I only got 10 of them. Love the fact its going up, hate the fact I've only got 10 of them...
+2 回覆
Love the
tron is piece of junk. No network, no transactions. "partnerships". in a yea maybe this thing starts being valuable. right now its a twitter fantasy
I guess Hate ! So many ppl bought at ATH.. and they are looking for a chance to get out..as soon as it moves up gets dumped !
You should do some TA of BTC in Binance!
Your titles man. Make me click every time
+2 回覆
love TRON (on long!)
+4 回覆
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