USDJPY sell setup

FX:USDJPY   美元 / 日圓
27436 92
Hi Guys, this looks like a nice short term sell setup.

Trade with care
Thank you for your support.
評論: A complex Bwave not a change of direction as yet
評論: This break out maybe not be long lived , better to wait for a bigger correction .
I guess no more updates on this pair?
Hey Anil, can you please provide us your update on USDJPY, it making now a nice flag for SELL setup , `Thank you
Anil, I just wanted to say thank you, not for this awesome single trade, but everything you do on this site and on you tube......... for free! I have spent an obscene amount of money this year being taught how to 'trade properly' and being told to click their robots and over time you will be up! for over 12 months now, I have spent 10 hrs a day looking at charts, I have been constantly trying to point out the patterns/structures you trade to my tutors only to be told carts are all random and although things look the same they are not, Elliot wave, harmonic patterns and such like don't work you will loose a lot of money if you keep looking at them, be safe, click our robots!! Then by complete accident I have found your pages! YOU have confirmed it all to me, and hopefully over the next few weeks, I can now make some sense of what I was seeing. I will be taking your course as soon as I have put a few coins back in the coffers. I just wish I had found you and your knowledge 18 months ago. By the way I love the way you handle your Trolls.
Thanks maestro
@anilmangal when you say look for a flag can you please show what a flag set up looks like please?
anilmangal bacciocchi
@bacciocchi, if you don't know what a flag is don't trade flags
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Dib anilmangal
@anilmangal, hey mate, can you please post update for AUDUSD...

thank you
javiertu bacciocchi
@bacciocchi, my friend look into the Elliot Wave Principle book. There are also a lot of videos on youtube that explain nicely about these flags. My two cents. Cheers, happy trading!
@javiertu, all he has to do is google it .
Agreed Anil.
The 60 minute will soon be pulling back, so I'll wait until this is completed before I entre.
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