My advice would be to wait for breakout or a third bounce on support zone , then it should go to the next resistance at least.
評論: I was not here too TP on the resistance line, I'll hold until the next support which is not visible on Binance but on HitBTC and Coinmarketcap : 7900 - 8300

評論: We're now on the HitBTC support zone
Buy volume increased
RSI(14) went oversold, STOCHRSI and stochastic as well
Black fibo retracement (introduction on Binance to the lower high) matches perfectly with support and resistance, so 100% retracement is done ?
評論: Reversal is now
評論: Buy volume came back to normal, I'm confident for the future

Range zone then uptrend ?
評論: Enjoy the run!
Critical times for us :)
Sessay PRO togocoin
@togocoin, It will wall to 1 sat so we can buy more :D
Tried to scalp when opened up on Binance, but fell so fast I got stuck in a hold. Learned my lesson on patience. Thank you for the great work @Sessay
+1 回覆

VIBE first performance 20th January
+1 回覆
Thanks Sessay, you have given me hope during the biggest mistake of my short trading endeavor so far! It shot up to 10320 so fast, definitely some whaling going on.
Sessay PRO witgamwogar
@witgamwogar, you're welcome ! I'm not so old in trading, you can learn the basics fast !
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