VibeHUB VIBE/BTC H1 - Falling Wedge breakout

-Falling wedge breakout
-VIBE is now evolving in a triangle
-Buy volume increased
-StochRSI(14) oversold crossup
-Stochastic(7) as well

PS : EMA , not MA
評論: -doji on 2 hours timeframe, which is a reversal signal
評論: It may retrace the fibo 100% to ~7000 sat
評論: I updated another idea
I bought at 1700, should I wait? I’m gonna cry hahaha
Maped KubilaySapayer
@KubilaySapayer, look my new idea
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Thank you for your work. I'm in way too high at 12800, I thought I posted a stop loss but I didn't. My plan is to hold. I know it's pure speculation, but do you have any guess on how long it may be until it recovers to that range?
Maped witgamwogar
@witgamwogar, An announce is coming the 21th so it should reverse, look at my new idea
Give us some positive info :))
Maped togocoin
@togocoin, new idea updated
what is your suggestion?
Maped geomhk
@geomhk, To not panic now. I'm personally in since 15 800 and I couldn't sell at 27 000 neither at 18 000 because of HitBTC stucked withdrawals. I will hold, too late to stop loss now since we're in the last support zone. There was a 500 BTC buy wall yesterday and it suddenly dissapeared, whales are doing their job to refill tons of VIBE so I'm confident for the future.
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geomhk Maped
@Sessay, do you think this walls of buys are real, or a game?
I already exit because of stop loss order last night...
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