Do you WANna run??

BINANCE:WANBTC   Wanchain / Bitcoin
Its hard to believe that WAN would be ready to run again, after such a huge tear over the past week, but it seems to have found support on the 0.382 retracement level. The MACD and StochRSI are both calling for action. The buy orders are stacked so deep, it makes me wonder about manipulation. But, this is a very strong project, with a huge vision, and its hardly been around long enough to find a true price to settle at. Who knows, it may WANna run again. I'll be watching. If it does take flight, we can see the first run as a wave 1, and wave 3 will hit at least a 1-1 extension, which is around 0.001100. Im not convinced that this is the case, i think we need to correct a little further, but this is crypto baby, expect the unexpected! good luck
they did sneak attack ann on ico this am, you see? Nice that it didnt destroy price
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