GOLD - Targets 1230 then 1210

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   黃金 / 美元
322 2
Building on my idea back from July GOLD looks to be in wave C of a large triangle which may end around 1210 where wave (a) = (c)
Good Luck
評論: It looks like minute wave 3 is complete and wave 4 has traced out a double ZZ.
If correct wave 5 will target around 1232. Good Luck.

評論: Looks like an expanding diagonal is in progress, if correct GOLD should rise to around 1285 then fall to around 1210-1220 for wave 5 which must be longer than wave 3.
Good Luck

Geoff, The Philadelphia Gold and Silver Mining Index $XAU used by SMART MONEY Professional Option Traders

recently has made a Double Bottom Weekly Low for 2017 at 75.65 on 12/7,..setting up as a potential BULLISH reversal pattern.

As long as 75.65 low holds in the $XAU, short term surprise in gold could be to the upside from these levels with a successful retest,
... especially with all this dastardly talk of Bitcoin someday replacing Gold as the world's financial currency of choice.


then what? (b) ? ...for Bull? $1400?
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