~Secret of 90% accuracy strategy 九成準確率以上的策略簡談~

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I don't care they believe my point or not, people without wisdom will surely misleading by the trap.
我不在乎他們對我策略的懷疑, 懂的人自然會明白, 道行未夠的當然會被陷阱誤導。

Moreover, I have no intention to explain all the principles with you, the entire reason that I share my strategy is just to meet my self-vanity.
而且, 我亦沒有意務跟你們解說所有原理, 分享我編寫的策略, 完全是為了滿足自我的虛榮心。

Please forgive my rudeness, this is only given to those who totally deny me. I will still show my respect and humble to communicate with wise people in order to strive for further improvement.
請原諒我這孤高不雅的言辭, 這段說話只送給否定我見解的人, 對其他賢士, 我依舊會抱有尊敬與謙卑態度交流, 務求精益求精繼續進步。

Who would like to discuss the "secret" of accuracy with me, please kindly PM me. :)
誰想和我討論策略準確性的“秘密”, 請PM我。:)