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Dear Traders,

this is not a setup or our typical analysis, but we wanted to post this message because the Geo-Political tensions (Syria, Korea, ...) may increase in the coming days. With that in mind, we urge you to be cautious, and if possible, do not hold open positions during the upcoming long weekend, unless you have a hedging strategy.
We maintain our focus on SP500 , Japanese yen and gold , because at the moment, they are the best indicators, without forgetting the VIX .
Making Trading is our life, but sometimes, the best trade is to not trade!

We hope that our message is acceptable by you, because the "TradingView Community" also used to this!

We wish you a great future and thank you for your support!

評論: We wish you a great weekend!
Probly up to 1309 and bearish
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Nothing is gonna happen. Its all rhetoric and muscle flexing.
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@Jamal92, It is certainly our hope ... :)
Jamal92 SignalSwiss
@SignalSwiss, It will be. I am more concerned about US/Russian confrontation in syria. The situation in N.K is all war mongering talk.

Either way dont you worry. You will see mate
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torukojinnn SignalSwiss
@SignalSwiss, Dear Sir, while we are all focused korean and syrian issue , what is that US deployment on russian border in baltic countries. There is a a huge shiftment of arms and soldiers and nothing on main stream media!! Before WW2 did somebody really told a war was about to break out or it happened all of a sudden!! :O
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artificial bubble, big gap down at the open
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@PhilIvey, ...all is possible!! thanks for your comment!
Thank you for an ALERT! I agree with you Sir! I've closed all my paper contract already from my bank and I'm still holding miners for longterm cash return from A shares market.
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This is the typical message one would expect from the prudent and unrushed Switzerland.

Now if your are not trading your retirement plan then remember these are the moments when you can really fill the tank for good. Just take either inverse hedging limit orders or (guaranteed) stop-loss orders because
if something turns sour during the long weekend then even the SNB could not help to have the CHF going through the roof with Gold and JPY.
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@Filipo1, On TradingView there are many beginners, and we have used "simple common sense"....
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