XCP Long term trade

POLONIEX:XCPBTC   Counterparty / Bitcoin
XCP/BTC has been consolidated for very long period of time. Having strong fundamental, however it is currently being under-evaluated in my opinion.
Weekly chart shows that long term resistance has been broken out, and after that a retest.
Uptrend may begin from here to next several months. Long term holding maybe good strategy at current situation.

交易進行: For short term trader, I made this idea in 1D time frame
Any news on this
Any chart update please?
It's October 10th, XCP still bleeding... any long term target? Any updates please?
kiennv.bk cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, Not only XCP. It happen to most alt-coins maybe due to current situation of BTC and market psychology cycle.
In my view, XCP may make a new low at around 0.0013 bit this week (chance of this happening is 50% so I don't recommend selling now).
My expectation, bear season should be ended this week, and next week uptrend may begin.
Don't hesitate to PM me if you are interested in my opinion.
cryptoniac90 kiennv.bk
@kiennv.bk, well seems that today BTC fu*cked all altcoins including XCP. I dont see it recovering soon unfortunately, I bought some more at 15
Seems that XCP reached all time bottom at 0.00017 such a pity! I really dont know what to believe...
kiennv.bk cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, who tell you that 0.0017 is all time bottom?
cryptoniac90 kiennv.bk
@kiennv.bk, correct! seems it isn't since today we reached 0.00015 I really don't know what to believe! How come all traders here insist that XCP will skyrocket above 0.02 even 0.04 and all it does is going down??
was wondering you still believe it could hit above 100$ per coin? if so, any timeframe? cheers
kiennv.bk cryptoniac90
@cryptoniac90, see the latest update. Good luck to us :D
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