$XLM Long Term Prediction

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Well, everybody knows its practically impossible to predict long term Bitcoin charts but I still have fun doing it. I see a potential Double Bottom Formation forming which indicates a reversal of the current trend. Big rounded bottom shape could mean we see a move similar to Bitcoin before breaking ATH earlier this year. Will be really fun trading this coin over the next couple months!
評論: I guess it works lmao
4th wave cannot cross 1st
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whiskey4 whiskey4
@whiskey4, maybe usdt chart would be more accurate
@whiskey4, When i made this chart i didn't quite understand Elliott Wave Theory. Technically nothing that i drew is a wave of any kind Lol
Do you have any to to take profit and reentering lower?
why is 5 wave so high?
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Here is the prediction, XLM or XRP will be the standard. Why does XLM give so many free tokens out? Because those developers create stellar lumen consumer/merchant applications and they don't sell their lumens.

The majority of lumens given out are held by their development community which creates the strongest backing of any crypto.

Stellar is it's the most undervalued crypto due to it's value being worth more or a speculative eqivelant to XRP.

XRP is fed backed and opaque. Manipulated.

XLM is Transparent as why IBM hyperledger consordium chose to partner with stellar over xrp.

Stellar is always one step ahead. Stellars founder created Ripple and the first Bitcoin exchange lol. When it comes to Crypto hes the American Crypto Warrior.
JolleyCrypto el_crypt0
@el_crypt0, Hey, thanks for the comment. It's nice to hear other people insight especially because I know very little about fundamentals, I just trade off chart patterns.
I did notice XRP's recent conference was a bit of a troll so thanks for the tip :)
john999999 JolleyCrypto
@JolleyCrypto, I am very bullish on Stellar / XLM but don't think it will rise that fast.
JolleyCrypto john999999
@john999999, No, you are right it probably wont. Just a prediction of the movement we could potentially see. However, XLM is a very pumpy coin so i wouldnt be surprised to see it gain momentum rather quickly.
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