BITTREX:XLMUSD   Lumen / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Resistance is already broken. We are experiencing linear fractal growth, so I expect this to continue.

Beautiful Jaws of wealth with a nice resistance. If we look at the length of each wave on the left, they (will) progressively get longer by an average of 1.53 times the length of the previous wave. An update will come with the next best entry point.

Target 1: $0.48 1 week
Target 2: $0.75 1 month

If it reaches Short-Term target 1 of $0.30, our next entry level will be between $0.256 - $0.265.

S Target 2 - $0.347

If it does not reach target, re-evaluation will occur and next best entry will be found.

Woah, did you guys just see what happened?? It literally repeated the same moves as the previous wave, repeated sections are indicated by the arrows. If it did all that, why not assume the same for the correction? Let's assume a channel moving downwards (in this case it needs to retrace more than wave 1), while our buy box is moved up a bit.

Wave 5s can be very finicky. What we just witnessed was an extended wave 3. When that happens, I assume a 1 to 1 extension of wave 3 for wave 5. That is our target 2.

Sometimes when extended 3s happen, our wave 5 can fail to push further and come short, so that is our target 1.

Now, earlier described, XLM has seen a lot of linear fractal movements. So the "Wave 5 Possibility" is if that happens here (which I don't think it will). That is our Target 3. Target 2 and 3 may never be reached, so we have to look for reversal patterns and count our waves properly. There are a few ways to count this, so an alternate wave count will if this correction never reaches our buy box, or if it crosses the top of wave 1 (unlikely).
評論: Possible that Stellar will hit Target 2 at $0.38 very soon

Guy's we're going to hit $0.70 FAST whether we like it or not. We may not hit target 3 on this run. But I'm surely looking for Targets 1 and 2 to be hit on this, we'll play by ear. But the reason why my short-term targets (2s and 3s) are being reached on ONE run is because this coin is seeing some exponential growth, so it's expected to continue with the rest of this run going forward. That was NOT our full wave 3, that was ONLY 1, and we have 2 more impulse waves to go!
Correction Update. Remember, this is still wave 3. Will CRUSH the $0.75 target

Guys, remember when I said Lumen will CRUSH our target? It failed to reach the last correction target and started booming. In the colored arrows, notice this repeated leading wave pattern that we get before big runs. We noticed it last time Lumens took off in the pictures above.

The cream lines were the last prediction, and in the white is where we are headed. We got a perfect hit on target 1 and it's already looking like we will get an extended 3rd on this run. Our target 2 will be reached much more faster than we thought and this whole run may take us to 75 cents or more. But if it reaches these targets then I will update with new targets. Hope you guys got in on this trade!

Lumen continues to exceed predictions. My first prediction doesn't seem so crazy anymore does it? ;D
評論: The target for this current run has been dropped to $0.60

I was $0.004 off XD... Alright, Here is the correction target, and our (bigger) wave 3 target is officially $0.78!! Surpassing my expectations tenfold. After this target is reached, I will likely upload a new post so the thread doesn't get too lengthy.
Reminder: This current sub-wave 5 cannot go higher than $0.62.

VERY quick correction! Just barely touched the buy box. This thing is going up.
評論: Target dropped back down to $0.746
交易結束:目標達成: BOOM! Target reached!! Congrats to everyone that got into this trade all the way from 27 cents! I will definitely upload a new post after this sucker comes down for re-entry into the next wave! This thing is not showing signs of slowing down just yet, but i'm taking the victory and closing this one down.

For those still in the trade. Theoretically, how high could it get? My best guess is $0.91
Fueled up !
Eball8 MahmoudTarhini
@MahmoudTarhini, people thought I was crazy when I said this 250% ago xD
Thank you again
Any Updated projections? To late to get in?
it went up to 0.31$ so now wait for a retrace to 0.256 - 0.265$ ?
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Thank you
Hoping your projection rings true. Very Bullish on XLM, go lumens go!
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Well, this sounds insane, I hope your prediction will come true
Eball8 RokasBalsys
@RokasBalsys, I agree haha! I didn't think anything like this would be possible, but Litecoin, Ripple, NXT, Verge and many more have proven me wrong lol
@Eball8, That was a nice kick:
We can get to 0.75 even faster :P
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