Sell XMR/USD from 410 USD mark

185 6
WMR/USD currently being rejected from upper resistance level at 410 USD mark.
Enter with sell limit order from 410.00.
SL at 422.50
Target 350 USD area.
Risk reward 1/4.5

The pair has been caught in a range bound market and there is accumulation taking place at the moment.
This should be another move down.
380 is a nice target...350 is a bigger one because most probably we might break up..
also let me remind you xmr is getting a apple wallet this week.
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ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, 350 is too close for me :D
Will follow up on news in regards to apple wallet, but I prefer watching charts to help me decide where the price is gonna go. You still need more money coming in to get the price up.
And it won't be me and you who will do that. Look at TRX, so many good news, but with no increase in market cap it is where it is.
TahirKhan2a ArmandsTrencis
@ArmandsTrencis, XMR is a very popular coin..stop comparing with other cheap coins
ArmandsTrencis TahirKhan2a
@TahirKhan2a, TRX is cheap in price because of the supply. Supply is high as it was designed to be used by everyone in the future.
TRX is probably more popular than XMR at the moment, but that doesn't really matter.
You should know who is able to manipulate the price.
What will happen first? Monero goes to 4000 USD or Tronix goes up to 1 USD? Both would be 1000% return on investment
powderpc ArmandsTrencis
@ArmandsTrencis, you're comparing apples and oranges. Monero works well as an exchange of value or store of value. TRX is a completely speculative shitcoin that does nothing.
@powderpc, Do you know what the whole TRON project is about?
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