Monero chart, Fibonacci levels and angles.
評論: XMR nearing upper resistance.
評論: I would definitely sell XMR now
評論: Who ever sold 6 March on my call congratz.
評論: Monero flipped on the timefib 1.5 to bull :D
評論: 222-237 USD Retest target for XMR
評論: Target of 237 USD hit
評論: Getting a sell signal again for XMR
評論: XMR would now be entering its third bearish wave.
評論: And Sell signal was on point, AGAIN.
評論: XMR might want MOAR
評論: 300-322 USD?
評論: Below that cyan support again.
評論: XMR has one of the clearest trends to trade, will be posting more updates on this one!
交易進行: IF XMR HITS 118-120 USD BUY!, STOPLOSS at 115!
評論: XMR trade almost touching my golden line
評論: XMR hit buy target!
取消訂單: Although golden line is good entry, I think we can go lower looking at logarithmic chart. Trade is cancelled!
評論: XMR broke golden line! BAD!!
評論: If we close below yellow line in main chart market is rekt.
評論: Means 86 USD for XMR minimum.
評論: Golden line failing again! Means exit, losing support.
評論: Back to 76-88 USD...
評論: Monero is failing to stay above the 0.114 line, this is the "hype-carrying trend"
交易進行: Thinking first reversal of XMRUSD downtrend will be at 2.144 timefib, don't expect big reversal but a decent bounce.
交易進行: XMR has entered a lower buy zone, could be a scalp.
評論: Think 98 USD is doable
Looks similar to consolidation period last year around July and September months.
Your charts are inspiring Sir.
I wouldn't even dare to short xmr at this point, we all know how many bears monero has left behind in the grave from past pumps :D
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"Comment: XMR broke golden line! BAD!!"

XMR broke that line 14 weeks ago... I am confused.
TheTrex FinkPloyd
@FinkPloyd, The lowest line from 0.114
FinkPloyd TheTrex
@TheTrex, My bad. I was referring to the last chart posted 20 hours ago.
Dude, you nailed this one... truely amazing... Since trade is cancelled, where would you be a buyer? I've got some dry powder...
TheTrex TraderT33
@TraderT33, Well I'm still trying to play a small long here from 118-120 to 140-150. But not too large if things dump.
yah man ! very nice chart :)
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You da man! I entered a pinch early yesterday. NBD though. I have patience. Thanks for the stellar work as always!
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