Monero chart, Fibonacci levels and angles.
評論: XMR nearing upper resistance.
評論: I would definitely sell XMR now
評論: Who ever sold 6 March on my call congratz.
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man you nailed it
TheTrex PRO anacondabitch
@anacondabitch, Dont fuck with my charts haha XD
@TheTrex, next chart idea ... bitcoin ding dong
monero hardfork coming hodl it
that 5th wave is really super extended wow, and insanely extended 5th waves do retrace 100% or nearby, that would actually take us back to the golden line of 93-105$ depending on when it reaches it from now until April when new bullrun normally commences for (BTC) and rest of the crypto space.

The problem is BTC would need to make a new low for any chance of that happening (around 3000$ support, most likely)

I really hope this will happen but I think BTC will stop at either around 8800$..... 8000$ ..... 7400$ (Weekly support line from 1800$ from body to body Excluding all the tails)

Which will take Monero back to anywhere between 200-250$
Childrenofmen DarkwolfSE
@DarkwolfSE, 4-5k is my target for next wave on btc monero would be close to the yellow line then.
Great work (again) man, thank you very much!
+1 回覆
You think it will go below 150?
TheTrex PRO bombitman
@bombitman, Eventually it has to hit that golden lower line.
hortstu TheTrex
@TheTrex, Why does it have to hit that golden lower line?

Also appreciate the pictures but would love more explanation/ more why. Just learning about this TA stuff. Thanks for sharing your work.
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