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Here with XRP loads of People excited, saying its breaking out and yes no one can deny we are seeing movement but a breakout and movement are 2 different things. Don't be too excited over a coin trending down guys.

I have drawn on the trend line of XRP so you can all see where we have to break to have a break out.

XRP does look good, I am not saying we won't break out its moved up in a very powerful position but if we think logically about this it could just be a pullback.

I would like everyone to remember how low XRP can go to reach bounce levels and also take note on the chart the size of the pullbacks XRP has, this is circled in red.

If you didn't enter at the base of this pullback/break I would continue to sit on the sidelines until we break the trend line alternatively you can buy with a very tight stop loss.

The 4H chart is showing the MACD cross but not much room for growth before it needs to consolidate or XRP may continue in its trend down.

Good luck, be cautious I am not buying into this trade until its a confirmed breakout. Trend is our friend and at the moment we are in a downward trend.

Cash Is King

評論: If you bought this break then you have hit some nice profits.

Target 2 has been hit and on way to next target
評論: Target 3 and 4 reached and looking strong

We are already up around 30%
評論: Next target is already on chart if you scroll up. Its .00010735
評論: All targets on this trade have been reached with a 50% profit.

Remember where you sell button is collect and move on, you don't come rich unless you pay yourself.

If you did not sell the target XRP still looks strong.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Next target?
Finally someone that knows what they are talking about. I agree. We saw a little movement but that’s it. XRP is not going to bounce back anytime soon. Lots of factors but the biggest is the walls they are going up against from the SEC to the CFPB, don’t believe me give them a call. The industries they are targeting have a lot of regulations and they can’t move as fast as they would like. The other thing you can do is look up citi groups report on Ripple. They like ripple but not XRP and in the report they specifically stated they have no interest in ever using XRP.
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ntabish12 Ahmed3732
@Ahmed3732, lol
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