Ripple (XRP) vs Bitcoin (BTC) Trade (210% Profits Potential)

Earlier I shared a trade for Ripple (XRP) against Tether (USDT). Here is Ripple vs Bitcoin ( XRPBTC ).

We are going straight into action.

Upcoming events for Ripple (XRP):

- Uphold Listing (24 May). "You’ve been asking & we are excited to announce full support of $XRP will go live on Uphold May 24." Uphold is an exchange.
- ASROC Conference (16 June). "ASROC is a event and summit that solely examines trading of tokens, bitcoin , ethereum and alt coins," in Los Angeles, California.
- BAIConf London (18 June). Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference and Exhibition from Jun 18-19 at 8 Northumberland in London.

Ripple ( XRPBTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy in: Up to 0.0000835

Note: Wait for the price to decline before jumping in.

Ripple ( XRPBTC ) Targets:

() 0.0000940
() 0.0001010
() 0.0001098
() 0.0001256
() 0.0001487
() 0.0001676
() 0.0001946

Stop loss: 0.00006700
評論: Breakout better reflected on the 4 hours time frame chart:
評論: XRP had a nice breakout and we are in between strong resistance and support.

XRP tends to go against Bitcoin, at least when it starts to move and moves for long and strong... highly manipulated.

Since Bitcoin is yet to finish its last push down, it might help move Ripple move out of the dead zone when it does.

Here is the 4 hours chart:
XRP is always profitable when it starts to move, huge increases in price, but it happens suddenly and fast, so make sure to position yourself before it all starts.

評論: We are in the positive here. Our XRP trade is doing good.

You can hold patiently and sell once we start to hit our targets or when you are happy with the profits.

評論: Many will be surprised when XRP takes off...
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thanks for update us..
+2 回覆
@sovitt, You're welcome.
+1 回覆
Thx for the analysis. I'm in position.
+2 回覆
I am waiting with all in XRP .. I believe in alanmaster recommendations and always had huge profits. This time again I am patient and would like to enjoy take off.
+1 回覆
can you do an update for ada cardano?or maybe a new analysis:D
+1 回覆
Now it looks little bit worse guys. Any chances to go up when btc dive?
+1 回覆
Any update Off these??
@Zonita, We are in profits, easy hold.
XRP has a pending law suit, just an FYI. Case was opened May 7th 2018. Careful with this one.
AlanSantana rickyricardo531
@rickyricardo531, Thanks for sharing.
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