VeChain (VEN) Uptrend Ride (222% Earnings Potential)

VeChain ( VEN ) is in an uptrend, a very strong one if you ask me. The Altcoins market entered a healthy and very normal correction and it is still within the consolidation phase of this correction, yet VeChain ( VEN ) wasn't really affected at all by it and it is now moving up strong within its established uptrend.

Let's join this uptrend and ride it up all the way to the top that VEN is trying to reach... Follow me please...

VeChain (VENBTC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy in: 0.00050 - 0.00058

Note: Wait for the retrace before buying in.

VeChain ( VEN ) Targets:

(1) 0.000622
(2) 0.000712
(3) 0.000812
(4) 0.000932
(5) 0.001122

Stop loss: 0.00046

You better secure and enjoy the profits... when the time comes!


It starts with emotions of warm, bright and glow.
It is something incredible, first time I hear this voice.

A voice that takes away the dark.
A voice that clears the cold, a voice that frees your mind.
A voice that has always been there, that only knows how to shine.

The beginning of the song, you've seen it happen, you know its natural, for us it was made...

The beginning of the song...

When the SUN comes up to life,  and brings brightness to your brand New Day!

評論: VeChain (VEN) Events:

- Alpha Test Applications (15 June). "From May until early June, VeChain Foundation will be accepting applications for the Public Alpha Test of the VeChainThor Blockchain."

- Mainnet Launch (30 Junes). VeChain launching their mainnet. VeChain holders will also generate THOR as part of staking rewards every day after this release.

- Testing & Code Open (30 June). Beta/public testing and source code open by end of June.

- Distributed 2018 (19 July). Distributed 2018 occurs in San Francisco from July 19-20.
評論: VEN is going sideways now and within buy in range, but I would wait longer before buying in or reloading more. Looks like there is some more retrace plus consolidation left before the next way up.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.
評論: You can hold VEN long term and rebuy and reload when the price goes down.

This will be a good one next one month.
手動結束交易: New updated trade coming for VeChain (VEN).

You will receive an email with the new link.

The above targets still apply, yet new ones will be posted.
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🥇 Results



It’s seems to be settling around 5232 I guess a change is imminent, up or down. I think we all feel it going up, at least that’s what the graphs are telling us.
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Why is there going to be a retrace? Whitepaper coming out in 2-3 days! Pump will be HUGE. Don't miss it!
+1 回覆
@aidanb, Not really relevant, you can buy in anytime you want within the buy in range.
No stoploss for me on VeChain. Its ome of the most underrated coins.
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alanmasters Calibretto
@Calibretto, Let's hope it does good.

Thanks for the support.
I think Ven is nearing strong support and reversal is near. Here is my view on VECHAIN

Update, please.
MeSang tenshun
@tenshun, VEN broke out 6hrs ago
@tenshun, Coming up.
Posted. @tenshun,
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