Agrello (DLT) Bull Run Preparation (375% Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:DLTBTC   Agrello / Bitcoin
Agrello ( DLT ) is one of the prominent coins at Consensus 2018. This is a fairly good volume coin and it has been trying to breakout recently.

Looking at its charts, it is in the late stages of a very strong accumulation period and it is calling for us to position ourselves before its next bull run... Let's take a look at this coin for a very easy and potentially very profitable trade... So, again... Let's TRADE!

Agrello ( DLTBTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


We start by taking a look at the daily chart long term, to spot the most basic points on this chart (top, bottom, accumulation, etc.): 
- Agrello ( DLT ) reached its all time high on the 11th January ( 01 ). Very long retrace after and later a broken downtrend on the 13th May. From here, we try something new.
- Agrello is a top sponsor at the annual cryptocurrency summit (Consensus) and had its presentation on day 1. This is a bullish signal. This type of exposure tends to affect the price of a coin in a positive way. That's why you can see a big spike on the chart yesterday when this event took place.
- We have positive divergence on the MACD and the whales and traders are accumulating more and more DLT .
- Agrello is trading above all of the MAs that I am using, that is the EMA50, 100, SMA20, 50, etc.
- There are several bullish crossover with the MA lines. These are telling me that this coin can actually move pretty soon.
- Shorter time frames (below 1 day per candle) are showing that DLT is completing its retrace after yesterday's spike, so it will consolidate to start its next move up. We will start to position ourselves, now, to be ready, relaxed and calmed before the next price increase for this coin.


After looking at some of the signals that support a safe, easy and profitable trade for Agrello ( DLT ), let's take a close look at the instructions (easy trading),  so that you can decide if you want to make money with this one or not.

Buy in: 0.000028 - 0.000036

Agrello ( DLT ) Targets:

(1) 0.0000441
(2) 0.0000501
(3) 0.0000611
(4) 0.0000771
(5) 0.0000881
(6) 0.0001071
(7) 0.0001309

Stop loss:

(1) 0.000018 (Very strong)

Note: If you are using a tight stop loss and it gets triggered, you can use this as a chance to buy back lower. I recommend this one for more experienced traders only.


A New Moon for a New Day... It shows us a New Way!

Pray at the Moon, for the Moon, with the New Moon ... for a New Day!

Feel the wind of the New Moon , feel free to fill the New Moon Rays.

Don't forget to meditate today, in this unique and special Day.

The New Moon will bring you newness...

The New Moon will clear the way.

The New Moon supports your desires.

The New Moon is a New Day!

Enjoy the New Moon Today... A New Day... A New Way...

交易進行: DLT is consolidating nicely... please allow time for this trade to develop (here is a short term view for your entertainment):
評論: I will go all the way with Agrello (DLT).

Trading based on the above instructions.

Stop loss: 0.000018.

Within buy in range.

Will wait patiently for the action.

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@tn360, We dont care go away
LOL, that is a ton of high quality bricks you laid here!
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AlanSantana cryptolab_2018
@cryptolab_2018, My pleasure. Thanks for the comment.
Taking a position as well. I agree with all. Thx by the way, tracking all your charts and choosing ones I like after my research. Keep up the good work
Thanks for sharing. Any updates on this?
AlanSantana Enlightened_Bull
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