Kore (KOREBTC) Stunning Divergence (487% Earnings Potential)

I've been looking at Kore (KORE) for a week now and we are still in the same place, no real "change" in its average price and trading range, but somehow I keep on looking at this coin... why? We haven't been able to breakout, but I keep on coming back. The EMA200 line is working as a strong resistance, KORE has not being able to close above it on the daily chart for almost two months. But there is a good news and a strong reason why I am sharing KORE as an opportunity for us to trade and make easy money.

Let's start right away with the charts, signals and indicators: 

- KORE has been trading above the SMA20, SMA50 and EMA50 lines for the past few days.
- Higher lows and higher highs on the MACD for the daily time frame as well as positive divergence - these are very strong signals (marked with a black bold line).
- MACD crossover on the weekly chart. As well as plenty of room available for growth on the MACD , RSI and STOCH .
- Low volume allows for massive and fast growth once this coin takes off.

I see strong possibilities of the next strong "burst" up to reach as high as 0.000659 BTC per KORE, which is our second SHORT - MID target, which is also an increase in price of over 60%. This coin has great potential. Another point, in the past, KORE normally rallies when Bitcoin is going down. I don't know if it will be the same this year, but this is just another good reason to diversify and hold some KORE before the next Altcoins market bull run. We can profit massively here and all we have to do is buy, sit back and relax.

Kore (KOREBTC) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000381 - 0.000431



(1) 0.000502
(2) 0.000659
(3) 0.000752


(2) 0.000899
(3) 0.001099
(4) 0.001309
(5) 0.001589
(6) 0.001953 (All time high)


(1) 0.000350 (tight)
(2) 0.000280 (strong)


Have you ever seen money talking?

Let me show you... Here is how the money talks!

The first thing is that money loves money. So money always talks about money.

If you want money, like money or need money. You need to meet money, to know money and finally be able to use, for your own benefit, and enjoy... MONEY.

How can you attract money?

How can you become, money?

It is easy... You just have to FEEL the money.

How can I do that? How can I FEEL money?

Start talking, in present tense and in a positive way with positive feelings, about money.

That's how the money, for you, will start to grow...

That's how the money talks...

This is how the money flows!

交易進行: First target reached for KORE within 5 hours of posting.


Here is the chart: 

(1) 0.000502 * Target reached @ 0.000493 28-April *

Let's keep on making easy money while we enjoy the rest!

評論: We are in the classic retrace after a target is reached. We consolidate for a few days and then another push up.

Hold patiently... for sure your profits will come.

評論: Yesterday's candle on the daily time frame is giving a reversal signal.

There is a small positive divergence on the 4h chart as well, we might be looking at some movement in a few days:
評論: KORE is moving up strong now. We broke through our first target again and it seems it wants to keep on moving up.

Here is the 4 hours chart:
Daily chart:
Enjoy the profits!!!

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For me this is scam and I'm not going to buy. The team are not active, volume is low.
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I missed it !!!!!!
Great job @Alanmasters :-)
+1 回覆
@tonyrwd, Thanks.
Thank you for your excellent work. I sure wish we were working in USD. Thanks Alan.
+1 回覆
@Augster, It is my pleasure.

I will be doing some of these USD trades. People are asking for it... I always listen.

It will take some time.

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Seriously You are Doing Great By Sharing These Trades To Us. I M IN .. tysm @AlanSantana
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AlanSantana ajayboudh
@ajayboudh, It is my pleasure.

Thanks a lot for your support.
@AlanSantana Kore is a great choice, I've had a MD for a month or two. Waiting for the next push to 60k+ sats to sell :) Thanks for your input!
@milenm3, It is myu pleasure. I am enjoying KORE as well.

I'm curious. How do most of you guys buy coins like Kore? Anybody in the US? The only real source I can find is Bittrex which is a no-no for US customers.
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