Waltonchain (WTCBTC) Very Strong (223%+ Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
Waltonchain ( WTC ). A very strong altcoin with great trading volume is preparing for a new run. I received a message telling me about a breakout. I see that Walton ( WTC ) did breakout on the 4 hours chart but this breakout is yet to be confirmed on the longer time frame, but the fact that you are reading this, means that they are enough strong, positive and bullish signals on the charts for me to share this coin with you as a trade.

I mention 223% earnings potential in the title, that is if we challenge the last all time high. "Challenge", not break it. If we break the last all time high and go to the next Fib. extension number (the next resistance level based on the Fibonacci sequence), we are looking at a nice 320% earnings potential... And you know cryptos, you know Binance even better, the earnings are crazy there on a daily basis, specially with such a hot and famous coin.

Let's take a closer look at what we have here by starting with the fundamentals:

> Waltonchain ( WTC ) - Release of WTC Android Mobile Wallet. (30-April)
> Waltonchain ( WTC ) - Release of WTC iOS Mobile Wallet. (31-May)

Waltcoinchain ( WTCBTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Let's start looking at my favorite time frame, the daily chart (my second favorite is the weekly, gives you a great perspective of the mid/long term view of any asset): 

- We have very strong and easy to read positive signals.
- Notice first the red dotted line. This is a trend line , a downtrend, which has been broken by yesterday's breakout. We are breaking out again today.
- Strong positive divergence on the MACD . A very strong signal on this time frame.
- RSI is very bullish . It hasn't been this bullish for WTC since early February. Signs that things are changing for this coin.
- MACD curving up, trending up and showing plenty of room left for growth.
- I am in love with the weekly chart for Waltonchain, it looks really good. VERY BULLISH . We need a strong close this week for Waltcon ( WTC ) to "seal" a new "deal" for the weeks ahead.

Note: The Ichimoku cloud and Bollinger Bands are telling me that we will have to face some resistance on the way up. That is more than ok for us, we are good with it, we don't mind waiting. What we are really interested in is securing our position so that we can sell as close as possible to the top once the Altcoins market is in its full bull run mode. For now, we spot the opportunities, buy in and hold... Later we enjoy the profits by selling high.

We buy low and we sell very high... That's the most basic way of looking at it. Let's enjoy this trade now.


Buy-in: 0.0014 - 0.0019


(1) 0.00213 (short)
(1.1) 0.00233
(2) 0.00273
(3) 0.00313
(4) 0.00387 (All time high)
(5) 0.00527
(6) 0.00767
(7) 0.01013

Stop-loss: 0.00121

Trade strategy: Buy & hold. Leave the rest to the market (hold and later sell for profits when we start to hit our targets).


Focus on today.

Breath today.

Enjoy today.

Be happy, grateful and RICH... today.

Starting living your day...

Start living today!

May 01
評論: Walton (WTC) hasn't taken off yet but we are looking good. It only needs time to take off.

This is normal, trades can take a few days or weeks before they start to run.
May 04
評論: Here is Waltonchain (WTC) Ascending Channel:
May 09
評論: Retraces in price are normal. We go up, we go down, we go up, we go down.

We buy very low and hold.

Once the price starts to go up, we sell on target.

When the price goes down, we buyin, rebuy and/or reload, to sell again when the price moves back up.

For now, we wait...
Jun 06
手動結束交易: I will be posting an updated trade for Waltonchain (WTC) in a few days.
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hello master , nano update please
Any update please? Alan all things gone bad nowadays
+1 回覆
alanmasters OguzhanBurakAyten
@OguzhanBurakAyten, Posting soon.
Do you still think this can have a 223% potential? does your analysis on this still stand or should I close my trade?
@F6-PFCEF, Yes. We are still within buy in range, we are simply waiting.
I wait for so long and already lost pretty. It should go up now...
Thanks for everything, could you please revisit STORJ?
+1 回覆
alanmasters BazsiBazsi
@BazsiBazsi, Yes I can revisit.
BazsiBazsi alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thank you very, much have a nice day
Thanks, solid uptrend today. Many hold WTC for the long term.
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