Neblio (NEBL) Short + Long Targets (240% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:NEBLBTC   Neblio / Bitcoin
Once we breakout, prepare for action. Neblio (NEBL) is one of those famous "Binance coins". A strong downtrend has been broken (red dotted line) and NEBL is now going up slowly on a newly formed uptrend (green bold line), this trend has been holding nicely. If Neblio can gain some more momentum, we can expect a nice run in the near future. Let's take a look at some other signals and indicators, as well as the instructions to positions ourselves to make money trading NEBL.

Before that, Neblio has some news coming up for 2018, here are the quick details:

- Neblio Marketing Update (27 April).
- Neblio Enterprise Marketing (30 June).
- Neblio API V2 Beta (30 September).
- Neblio API Suite V2 (31 December).
- Let's get started and take a quick look at the charts...

Neblio (NEBL) on Binance (Short & Long Targets) by Alan Masters


On the daily chart: 

- The trend lines I mentioned above can be easily spotted on this chart; red is the downtrend and green is the uptrend. You just need to hit 3 "points" in a row in order to have a trend.
- The RSI is on the bullish side and the MACD , after a small period of accumulation, is already trending up.
- The OBV is also bullish yet the other indicators, STOCH and DMI still need some work.
- I like how the weekly chart is setting up, I am seeing a possible strong breakout to the uptrend soon.
- As usual, please allow this trade time to develop... :)


Buy-in: 0.0012 - 0.00148



(1) 0.00155
(2) 0.00175
(3) 0.00196
(4) 0.00222


(1) 0.00263
(2) 0.00316
(3) 0.00378
(4) 0.00457 (All time high)
(5) 0.00685
(6) 0.01054


(1) 0.00119 (very tight)
(2) 0.00099 (tight)
(3) 0.00087 (long)

Note: These stop loss are optional. You can trade with very low risk if you use those but I rather focus on the targets, the Altcoins market is becoming hotter by the day and most of the alts are going up, we already went down for over 4 months, it is time to prepare for another bull run.

Trade strategy: This one will require a holding period, please keep this in mind. It might take some extra time to take off but, we know this market is a bit "freaky", so it can really take off anytime. The weekly chart is setting up for a possible breakout out of a symmetrical triangle pattern . Enjoy the trade... Let's move on.

What Will Happen Next?

Have you ever wondered... What will happen next?

Next time, next day, next year, next month or maybe my next lifetime?
Please, tell me, what will happen next?

Next time we meet, life will be great... everywhere.
Next time we talk, we will have lots of things to say.
Next month and next year will be better. Our next lifetime as well.

What about us? What will happen next?

We will be alive, growing and enjoying, doing everything we can, to improve this reality, for everyone, love is what we share.

Ok. I get it ... Here comes the final question, so what will happen next?

We live in a reality, where Bliss, Love, Compassion & Joy, are the norm and the suffering has already been removed from the way.

Is that really what will happen?

Just breath, enjoy life, and you will definitely see and feel, what it is, that for you, will happen next!

Apr 27
評論: Here is the broken tend line mentioned above:
Apr 28
評論: NEBL is starting to move... Just letting you know. Enjoy your weekend.

Apr 29
評論: First target reached!

Up to 30% profits. There you have another "short" trade.

NEBL Targets:


(1) 0.00155 * Target reached 29-April *
(2) 0.00175 * Next target *
(3) 0.00196
(4) 0.00222

Here is the chart:
Enjoy the profits.

Apr 30
評論: We are doing great here, we hit our second target:
May 02
評論: We are on great profits on this trade. Neblio (NEBL) is moving nicely. This is a very easy hold.

Here is Neblio (NEBL) 4 hours chart:
This is purefly for your learning and entertainment, as the only thing you need to do here is hold while you wait and later sell on target on our next push up.


May 14
交易進行: Neblio is always in the action, and we are good in the positive.

It is trying to move right now...
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and we hit 0.00175! :D
Thus far, @alanmasters has been one of the more consistent TA magicians on TraidingView. Thank you for that! Keep up the great work!
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alanmasters CptJohnWick
@CptJohnWick, "Magician"... Best choice of word EVER!

Thanks a lot for the amazing support.

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@alanmasters do you have any updates on the chart?
@Sammd777, Not really necessary. Please take a look at the buy in price and the actual price. We are in good profits here.
Sammd777 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Sounds perfect. :) Thank you much!
Nice trade this one! Bravisimo!
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@tsitos, Thanks a lot. :)
Thank you very much alanmasters you are the best
+1 回覆
@MarcinZak, Thanks to you for the support. :)
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