Feathercoin (FTC) Updated (268% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:FTCBTC   Feathercoin / Bitcoin
We are still holding Feathercoin (FTC), a very old Altcoin that we started trading back in January 2018. This coin has huge potential and the charts are giving positive signals left to right. Still, this is a tricky coin, so we are going to approach this one only with a very small portion of our capital, and this trade potential has been updated as well.

For general details about this coin, you can visit my old trade about it here. To start trading, keep reading below.

Feathercoin (FTC) Updated Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Feathercoin (FTC) is showing very strong reversal signals (the price was going down and it is starting to move back up) on the 4 hours chart. Let's take a quick look: 

- You can see it based on the TD Sequential indicator (strong green candle with #1 count), the MACD (curving up aggressively), RSI (bouncing from oversold line) and STOCH (curving up strong as well).
- All these indicators are showing plenty of room for growth as well.
- Low volume allows for plenty of room for growth.
- Note: We have some strong resistance to face; SMA20, 50 and 200 price levels.

The daily chart also has some bullish signals, here, take a look: 

- We bounced twice from the 0.0000248 price level.
- Very strong uptrend.
- Lower end of the Bollinger Bands (we are looking to go up to get back in).


Buy-in: 0.000025 - 0.000029


(1) 0.000036
(2) 0.000041
(3) 0.000048
(4) 0.000067

Stop-loss: 0.0000195


I am sharing my energy with the world today.
I am open to giving and receiving, that's why I pray.

I am open to share a portion of my heart here with you.
I would like to show you my essence, all you need to do, is believe that this is true.

I would like show myself, in a form that you have never seen before.
You can choose to see me. You need to use your love and trust.

Finally we get to meet each other for another day.
This is just a short message, just to let you know that I am here to stay.
To stay in this world until all of my dreams and goals are met.
Until you can accomplish yours.
Until we can all be together again.

May 03
評論: FTC chart trend line:
Jun 22
評論: Feathercoin (FTC) gained back months of retrace in 2 single days... Incredible.
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