Peercoin (PPC) Classic (466% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:PPCBTC   Peercoin / Bitcoin
Peercoin ( PPC ), one of the oldest altcoins, a classic within the cryptocurrency markets, has huge potential and it is a very strong and resillient coin when it decides to move.

Last year top price for PPC was 0.00170165 per BTC , which was hit on the 1st March 2017.

There is positive divergence on the MACD , plus a C&H formation on the daily chart .
You can spot a bullish crossover on the MACD indicator ion the weekly time frame as well as plenty of room available for growth.

Now, let's get started... Let's trade!

PEERCOIN ( PPC ) Classic Altcoin Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: Up to 0.00034



(1) 0.000393
(2) 0.000443
(3) 0.000503
(4) 0.000583
(5) 0.000693


(1) 0.000873
(2) 0.001131
(3) 0.001383
(4) 0.001701 (All time high)
(5) 0.002053
(6) 0.002623

Stop loss: 0.000210

BACK IN THOSE DAYS... (13 December 2017)

Back in those days, when I was learning to trade.
I would take responsibility, for all my bad plays.
I knew it wasn't the trade, it was definitely not the coin.
I was conscious of my mistakes, but I could not overcome.

Experience didn't help, the more I trade the more I lost.
So I took a long time out, to figure out what was wrong.

As the months went by, and the situation didn't change.
I started asking myself, should I consider quitting this game?

But finally the answer came, and the solution present itself.
The problem wasn't trading, it was within myself.

So I focused on my personal growth, meditation and all.
And I came back in December, to become the biggest winner of all.

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for this trade.
Another opportunity has come.
Will you come, join me and play?

評論: Here is the C&H formation we broke out of:
評論: We hit a target for Peercoin (PPC). This is really good profits in a short period of time.

Here is the chart: 

Peercoin (PPC) Targets: 

(1) First target only available to Alan Masters members
(2) 0.000393 * Target reached @ 386 on 7-May *
(3) 0.000443 * Next target *
(4) 0.000503
(5) 0.000583
(6) 0.000693

Enjoy the profits and remember to support me for more amazing, profitable, strong and easy to follow trades. Like, share, follow & comment... Always. Thanks.

交易進行: This one is holding nicely.

We remain positive and within buy in range.

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An update would be nice my friend...
TenkenBot BreeCoin
@BreeCoin, I'm on a 70% loss now and not even the slightest flicker of a recovery
40% loss since i got in... Gonna be a loooooong run.
Got in at 00034, then almost straight line back to around 00025... an update would be nice Alan ;) But still holding on to your deleted comment, "this is an easy hold" (with a bad start ;) )
BreeCoin BreeCoin
@BreeCoin, comment wasn't deleted, must have looked over it the first time, sorry, Namaste and have a great day!
Paraguassu BreeCoin
@BreeCoin, Still waiting as well..
@tn360, lol I just checked this guy charts randomly, all of his charts i checked was losses , very awful :( I don't belive even the worst traders have this bad luck... SORRY but how did he get so much attention on TV?
@ethhunter, By making us all millions of dollars.

We have many, many, many profitable, safe and very strong trades.

For example, we made 100% profits with Tron (TRX) in a few weeks. Over 80% profits with Bitcoin Cash (BCC) and that is without counting the selling on target and buying back lower.

We made plenty of Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Neblio (NEBL), Cardano (ADA) and many, many others.

Feel free to visit my profile for more strong, FREE and excellent trades.

+1 回覆
ethhunter alanmasters
@alanmasters, Ok I'm sure you made profitable trades! I'm not arguing against that :), I'm just saying of the ones i checked all who traded those were ending up holding bags. Maybe i checked the wrong ones because , no one can be right all the time, thats no problem.

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