Ether (ETH) Trade by Alan Masters (200% Earnings Potential)

Ether (ETH) does not need any introduction. Etherum has its own world within the cryptocurrency markets and is the biggest Altcoin there is; the biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin .

And for that reason, we are going to trade it and we will definitely profit from this coin. This will be very easy, all it takes is a simple buy, a waiting period and later we collect the profits; that's all.

Etherum (ETHBTC) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.068 - 0.075

Ether (ETH) Targets:

(1) 0.07765
(2) 0.09265
(3) 0.10475
(4) 0.11685
(5) 0.13405
(6) 0.15600 (All time high)

Stop loss: 0.062 (Optional)


Ether bounced strong from a bottom on the 4th April, it has been on an uptrend since.

- We are now trading above the EMA50 (magenta) and EMA200 (yellow) line on the daily chart . After a long retrace and a short period of accumulation, Ether is now ready to move up.
- After touching bottom on the 4th April, Ether has been on an uptrend since. You can see this marked by a green dotted line.
- The red dotted lines which are transparent, represent a drowntrend with the "log scale" on. The bright red is the downtrend line with the log scale off. The same for the green dotted lines, but they represent an uptrend.
- All the indicators are in the bullish zone.
- The moving average lines are also giving us bullish signals.
- The weekly chart looks ready to start moving up.
- I hope you enjoy this trade and make lots of money with it.

I wish that it is easy money for you. Just buy, set the sell orders and forget it.

Go out and relax and come back in a few days or weeks to check how things are going. I will take care of the rest.

Remember that if anything happens, good or bad, it doesn't really matter...


Apr 30
評論: As you might know, Etherum takes its time to take off, but once it starts to move it goes for long. It just goes on and on and on. So it is wise to buy in early to later profit massively when the run up starts.
Apr 30
評論: C&H on the 4 hours chart?

Thanks @Antoniom111
May 02
評論: We are in the positive now. This is a very easy hold.

One of our reader comments that the SEC (Goverment agency in the USA) will decide on Monday if Etherum is a security. (Just for your information).
May 03
交易進行: Ether (ETH) Targets:

(1) 0.07765
(2) 0.09265
(3) 0.10475
(4) 0.11685
(5) 0.13405
(6) 0.15600 (All time high)

Thank you for the easy money, easy profits Ether (ETH). We promise we will give it good use. We will use these profits to improve our lives and by consequense, that of others.

May 07
評論: The ETH SEC news are coming soon. It will be fun to watch. Let's see how this one goes.
May 15
交易進行: The ETH SEC news were fake.

ETH keeps on climbing up slowly but steadily... Another breakout might happen soon... Give it a few days!

Weekly chart:
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Alan, I love your work. Thanks for everything you do.

Now on to the news. The SEC meeting for today is FUD. No official meeting is happening. No mention of the so-called 'hearing' on the SEC or CFTC official websites:
It's just a routine discussion (in private / behind closed doors) on the possibility of regulating ALL crypto in general. No official hearing. No official announcements are being made today!

There's this, but it's May 10th, and it seems pretty general.
Cryptocurrencies on the agenda as per here:
3:25-4:05 Cryptocurrencies and ICOs: Where Will Enforcement Strike Next?

Nicolas Morgan (Paul Hastings) — Moderator

Steven Buchholz (SEC)

Michael S. Dicke (Fenwick & West)

Guido van Drunen (KPMG)
+1 回覆
urbancamper urbancamper
Please keep us posted on what you hear.
alanmasters urbancamper
@urbancamper, Thanks for the information.
Here's the hearing.

doesn't really mention eth, just icos in general.
+1 回覆
@vspectra, Thanks for sharing.
urbancamper alanmasters
@alanmasters, SEC hearing is fake.
+2 回覆
alanmasters urbancamper
@urbancamper, Thanks for letting me know.
+1 回覆
vspectra urbancamper
@urbancamper, wait, it was just fud and there's no actual SEC hearing?
+1 回覆
urbancamper vspectra
@vspectra, That is what it looks like. The news was spread by the WSJ. The article did not say there was a meeting for certain and everyone spread FYD. The WSJ didn't even have a source. The quote that everyone got the "news" from is pretty weak. There are two parts to it; One, they only said that they were scheduled to DISCUSS and two, there is no source. Discuss does not mean anything and without a source, it is useless.

"A working group of regulators including senior SEC and CFTC officials are SCHEDULED TO DISCUSS the matter on May 7, ONE OF THE PEOPLE SAID"

I could be wrong, but there is no scheduling on the SEC website for this.

I got to buy that dip this morning though. Fingers crossed.
+1 回覆
vspectra urbancamper
@urbancamper, thanks, yeah I can't find any info on the official sites.
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