Qtum (QTUMBTC) by Popular Demand (219% Earnings Potential)

BINANCE:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
You want to trade Qtum (QTUM)? I am sharing this just because you asked for it... I hope you enjoy it and make good money with it.

Qtum is one of the strongest altcoins in this market, if you look at its market cap. In a nutshell, the project is based on a mix of Bitcoin ( BTC ) and Etherum (ETH), think about that for a minute... Ok, done thinking? So... now... Let's trade!

***** Qtum ( QTUMBTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters *****


Buy-in: 0.00200 - 0.00238


(1) 0.00254
(2) 0.00319
(3) 0.00364
(4) 0.00424
(5) 0.00589

Stop-loss: 0.00184

Trade strategy: (Basic) Buy, hold and sell on target. The stop loss is always optional, it depends on your trading strategies and goals. Long term holder don't need it, while shorter term traders can make use of it. It is up to you. I haven't been using one since March.


Let me entertain you a little bit.

How can I entertain you right now and for how long?

Will I succeed or will you know?

Are you being entertained yet?

Don't worry ... I am not here for your entertainment, I am here for you to get paid!

評論: Things are looking good, Qtum is already moving.

Enjoy the profits!

Enjoy your day!

交易進行: We hit our first target today. Enjoy the profits. This will be a great trade.

Here is the chart: 

Thanks a lot for your continued support.
評論: We are breaking below trend line on the daily chart, but this is no big deal, we have more support below and trading day is just getting started.

Remember that the stop loss is optional. On a flash drop, you can get kicked out of the trade if yo uhave it active.

What we normally do and what I recommend is to buy and hold patiently until the next Altcoins market Bull Run starts.

評論: Feel free to hold throughout this correction, as well as to rebuy and reload.

The stop loss is optional and only recommended for advanced and short term traders.

If you are a beginner, you can simply wait and this correction will be over in its own time.

Patience is the key!
交易進行: We remain in an uptrend after the correction and we are now back within buy in range.

Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.

評論: Looks like Qtum is still as sleep. Looking for bearish than bullish right now.

It might fall in a few days. So it might fall before going up, according to the signals that I am seeing now, this can change anytime of course.

Here is the chart, the SMA20 (green) crossing down the EMA50 (magenta) line is a very bad signal in my charts:

The bounce can happen pretty quick though.
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Could you post an update please?
Thank you kind sir. Could you please take a look at AION?
Good job
hi any update for this one. bought 10 days a go for 2142
Thanks man! ice action looking good. small break out just occurred. Will it hit a resistance or moon?
+1 回覆
alanmasters markcassara
@markcassara, We've been doing great accumulation, it will be a nice boost once it takes off.
@alanmasters thanks for your awesome work.
Can you give us a update please?

Thank you
+1 回覆
@bargeeeld, We are consolidating, it needs more time.
I think your technical reviews are awesome for a newbie like me. Did you saw this drop coming or did it catch you also be surprise, it doesn't seem like a correction? Thanks for your charts!
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