Vibe (VIBEBTC) Binance Trade (289% Profits Potential)

Vibe (VIBE) on Binance, young chart as usual, which is no good as it makes it hard to analyze, but the Altcoins market is now turning and VIBE is giving out signals, showing that it is already on its way... to breakout and to make us some money.

I took my chances with VIBE with the bear/down market. The chart was young, it was having positive action and signals but there was no history. You know I trade mainly based on the charts and market cycles, so no charts and a bear market, can really mess us up. With no history, we don't know where is the bottom, where is the top or where it is that we will go. After 4 months, we now have a better idea of what VIBE can do in the close future.

Let's trade...

Vibe ( VIBEBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters


Daily chart: 

- VIBE has broken its downtrend (marked with a red dotted line). And it is moving up, establishing a new uptrend (green line).
- You can tell that this coin is going bullish , by looking at the moving average lines ( EMA & SMA - green, blue and magenta). You can see that we are now above the EMA50, SMA20 and SMA50, as all as the SMA20 crossing the SMA50. VIBE is definitely getting ready for action.
- Let's take a quick look at the weekly chart and see what we can find. After reaching bottom, we have 4 positive weekly candles. VIBE is loading up...
- Please allow time for this trade to develop, we will be looking at 100% up to 300% gains or more from this call.


Buy-in: 0.000030 - 0.000035



(1) 0.00004154
(2) 0.00004910


(1) 0.00005842
(2) 0.00007063
(3) 0.00008569
(4) 0.00010511
(5) 0.00012985
(6) 0.00020128

Stop loss: 0.00002720

Note: This trade is a bit risky.

IT'S OK TO ASK FOR MORE!!! (16-Feb-17)

Some people say more is less. I don't understand.

Some people think that wanting more is greedy. Well, that doesn't sound so great.

It isn't about more, more is less or more is greed.

It is about the feeling, that you are feeling when it is time to receive.

So don't worry about the amount, or how big you want your home.

You just need to be humble and grateful...

And each time you receive...

Open your arms...


Apr 29
交易進行: VIBE is already moving and we are seeing up to 10% profits (a SHORT trade) since publishing.

Here is the chart:
May 05
評論: For short term traders, if you are using a stop loss for VIBE, it is better to sell now and buy back lower as there is room left to go down.

Long term holders can simply wait for the trade to develop.

If it does breakdown hard, you can look for 0.000022 - 0.000028 as your new buy in range.

If you have patience and are following my strategy, you can simply hold long and later sell for profits. It can take a few weeks for this coin to take off.

May 14
交易進行: We hit bottom at 0.00002267, which is the lower part of my suggested new buy in / rebuy range.

From here, we can try another run.

- Huge accumulation going on. This one will have its moment...
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any update on this coin? @alanmasters
Hi Alan. Any update?
any update on VIBE, alan? I'm still on this train, still losing now. @alanmasters
its on my watch list thanks for the heads up.
+1 回覆
alanmasters ninjethics_ESP
@ninjethics_ESP, My pleasure.
no update, @alanmasters ? Or, you already stop this trade? what's our target now? it didn't break out as you expected, any idea?
+1 回覆
alanmasters Victorwu88
@Victorwu88, Yes. Hold/Wait... that is all it takes.

I will take another look at the chart by the way.

Thanks for reminding me.
Victorwu88 alanmasters
@alanmasters, thanks! Alan
@alanmasters can you update about NXT and IGNIS?
alanmasters rito.chevalier
@rito.chevalier, I have a new NXT trade but I don't have IGNIS and wont' be posting about it for now. Not home.
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