Blocknet (BLOCK) Before The Action (257% Profits Potential)

BITTREX:BLOCKBTC   Blocknet / Bitcoin
I am looking into Blocknet (BLOCK) charts now and it is very close to the bottom, some good signals that are yet to fully develop, with an announcement coming in a few days as well. So we have signals on both sides, technical and fundamental and we have the opportunity to join Before The Action starts... Let's take a quick look...

Blocknet ( BLOCKBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters


- Blocknet (BLOCK) - Partnership Announcement (30 April).
- Blocknet (BLOCK) - Wallet Redesign Launch (Obvious hype on 15-June).
- Blocknet (BLOCK) - SPV Support (1-June).


- There is strong positive divergence on the MACD .
- The RSI is turning bullish , yet allows for plenty of room for growth.
- The chart shows that this coin is really strong, it was trending high throughout the whole bear market and felt recently with much accumulation going on.
- The STOCH is also starting to wake up.
- The weekly chart supports a push that can happen relatively soon (within a few weeks). I love how this chart looks.
- These signals still need more time to develop, so we will use a tight stop loss just in case. The announcement on the 30th April might give this coin the push it needs to start its next bull run, in the meantime, we have a great potential here.


Buy-in: 0.0020 - 0.0023

Blocknet (BLOCK) Targets:

(1) 0.00253
(2) 0.00302
(3) 0.00379
(4) 0.00435
(5) 0.00505
(6) 0.00583


(1) 0.00684
(2) 0.00750 (All Time High)
(3) 0.00880
(4) 0.00969

Note: Targets are for reference only. Not all targets are meant to be reached. You can sell as much as you want on each target. Feel free to visit the "Selling The Targets" article for additional information.

Another note: A target is considered "reached" if we come as close as 5% to the actual target price. Meaning, these numbers are not meant to be exact but instead a reference point as to where we might face resistance on the way up.

Stop loss: 0.00175


- When trading cryptocurrencies, always make sure to diversify, which means splitting your money into different trades / coins.
- Make sure to secure profits as the price of the coins you bought starts to go up. You can sell small portions of your holdings as the price increases. For example, you can sell 5% on the first target. 10% on the second target. 40% on the fifth target, etc. It is completely up to you, but it is a good idea to always secure some profits.
- Read carefully all the trade instructions before jumping into a trade. Take your time, breath... There will always be many opportunities available for you. So if you miss a trade, remain calmed and relax as another one will come.
- Be grateful for everything that live has given you...
- Namaste.
評論: I have a good feeling about this one, hopefully this will turn into a very good trade.

Good luck to you.

Good luck to us all.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Many more opportunities will come.

評論: Please allow time for this trade to develop. As I mentioned in the opening comment, the signals here are yet to fully develop. So we are positioning ourselves before hand, in order to maximize profits once this coin starts to go up.
評論: Very good price to buy-in, rebuy and reload.
評論: Blocknet updated chart:
Remember that the stop loss is optional. You can forget about this coin and just wait until it takes off. As well as you can reload or rebuy if you sold for when it starts to go up.

I mentioned that this one needed time for the signals to fully develop... Patience is key here. I am holding my BLOCK for LONG.
交易進行: I am seeing strong positive divergence on the MACD daily chart. This is a bullish signal. Expect a small dip followed by a strong push up. This push up can happen in several days up to a few weeks.

Here is the daily chart and the signal marked with a bold dark green line: 
Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload... As much as you can or want.
評論: The signal I spotted yesterday has given us 20% profits already... Pretty good.

Here is the updated daily chart (we need a strong close today - above 0.0021 would be a good start):
交易進行: Blocknet (BLOCK) Targets: 

(1) 0.00253 * Target reached 25 - May *
(2) 0.00302 
(3) 0.00379 
(4) 0.00435 
(5) 0.00505 
(6) 0.00583 

Enjoy the profits.

Here is the chart: 
Very strong breakout, if we can break above EMA200 (yellow), Blocknet can go on a very nice and strong ride.

We are in good profits here.

評論: We hit two targets for our BLOCK trade. Read below:

Blocknet (BLOCK) Targets:

(1) 0.00253 - (2) 0.00302 - (3) 0.00379 - Target reached *
(4) 0.00435 - Next target *
(5) 0.00505

Here is the chart:
Remember to sell and secure profits each time a target is hit.

You sell a portion and keep the rest for higher targets, or you can sell all coins as well and move to different trade.

You can sell and buy back lower, after a retrace is completed and consolidation is done, if the signals are positive, you can buy back in again for another run.

交易結束:目標達成: Remember to sell for profits as much as you can or want.

You can sell anytime now, we are in big profits.

This trade is closed.

Enjoy your day!!!

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Update coin?
+3 回覆
AlanSantana thinhnguyen261
+1 回覆
You might want to revise your target as 0.00379 was never hit on Bittrex. 0.0035 was the high. Take a closer look.
+2 回覆
AlanSantana notorious_dms
@notorious_dms, Yes, that's enough for me. Thanks for letting me know.
Where is the "Selling The Targets" article located?
+2 回覆
AlanSantana comelon94
@comelon94, Forgot to remove that part. It is not available here. It is on my website.
comelon94 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, is it free?
next Target 0.00319.. AMIN
+1 回覆
AlanSantana krisnabilly
@krisnabilly, We already hit that one, we are going higher now.

Thanks for the comment.
Second target is reached! Thank you Alan.
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