BURSTCoin (BURST) Hard Fork (300% Earnings Potential)

BURSTCoin (BURST) has been on Bittrex (a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform) since 2014, and with a Hard Fork coming on 14th June 2018, this altcoin is already starting to see some strong action.

Let's go straight into it, let's start with the charts...

BURSTCoin ( BURSTBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters


The first signal that we have is the Hard Fork and BURST past history, both point to massive gains for BURSTCoin in the near future.

We will look at the daily and weekly charts now and move on to the signals and finally the trade instructions:

- BURST Bounced from its most recent bottom on late March, which completed an almost 4 months long retrace. After this long retrace, BURST has been increasing in price slowly until finally reaching a breakout point and setting up itself for a new uptrend. Just like we went down for 4 long months, we can expect positive action, at least for several weeks to come.
- A period of accumulation already happened and can be spotted by the Positive Divergence on the MACD .
- A bullish crossover of the MACD happened recently as well.
- All of my indicators are on the bullish zone: MACD , RSI , DMI, OBV and STOCH .
- We are trading above the EMA50 (magenta) & 200 (yellow) lines, as well as the SMA50 (blue) and 200 (brown) lines. Also, the SMA20 (thin green line) crossed up the other Moving Average lines. This is a bullish signal, there are other bullish crossover on this chart as well.
- EMA50 about to cross EMA200. If this signal is confirmed, this is a very strong one.
- The weekly chart is turning busllish, with the indicators curving up and allowing for plenty of room for growth.
- Low volume allows for massive and fast growth as well when the coin starts to move up.


Buy-in: 0.00000260 - 0.00000350


(1) 0.00000420
(2) 0.00000490
(3) 0.00000570
(4) 0.00000670
(5) 0.00000800
(6) 0.00000980 (All time high)
(7) 0.00001170
(8) 0.00001400

Note: Another coin that is having a Hard Fork while we trade it. It is important to sell before the Hard Fork, but why? In this market, when an event is expected, the price of the coin related to the event tends to go up, but once the official news are released the price drops ("Buy the rumor, sell the news" clearly applies to the Cryptocurrency markets as well as the convencional markets. I've seen how the price of any coin crashes when the official news are released or even before). So we focus on our basic/main strategy - buy, hold and later sell on target - with the Hard Fork date in mind in order to sell on or before this date.

Stop loss: 0.00000240

Note: The stop loss is always optional. Since this market is highly manipulated, like all of the markets around the world, sometimes it is less wise than more wise to use a stop loss. Anyways, decide if you want to use it on your own.


What are you doing here?
Why are you reading?
Why are you buying these coins?

These are very simple questions, have you ever answered them once?

I am here to make money. We are here to make money.
So, LET'S MAKE SOME MONEY... That's what we want when we decided to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

The market is full of beginners, just like I was when I started to trade. But I gave my trust to this Master, following the instructions regardless of fear, doubt or any one of the many emotions that got in my way.

By following Alan Masters, you can make money with all of his trades.

Trading cryptocurrencies is very simple, if you have patience and know how to wait.

What are the results for you then my friend of following this man?

After receiving his guidance, I am now making money every single day!

May 15
交易進行: Here is the daily chart (it went missing above):
Closer look:
4H chart (for your entertainment):
May 25
交易進行: We have a very nice breakout, broken down trend line, and BURST is getting ready for US.

Here is the daily chart:

14-June (HARD FORK)

"The first hard fork is scheduled for block 500,000. It will enable: - PoC2 - Dynamic fees..."
Jun 06
評論: Remember you can secure profits anytime you want. We are over 20% profits here already.
Jul 20
交易結束:達到停損點: I hope you secured your profits as advised on June 6.

A reversal is coming soon, but this trade was stopped a while back.
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Got that nice little pump in the meantime.
Profits secured.
Namaste o/
Chance to fall down to 70-100sat?
update pls what will that follow now?
chantzrisse HanysRichter
@HanysRichter, I would advise selling very soon here. For forks, price typically plummets after the 1 week out mark. It’ll pick back up a few days to the day before the fork, but in my experience (Zen, BTCP, BTCH, ZCL) the peak won’t be as fantastic as the one a week prior. DO NOT hold through fork, you will lose a substantial amount. If you think that you can hold and get the new coin then quickly sell after fork then you’ll be putting your faith in your ability to outmatch a bot in a sale. I’ve already sold my portion, which wasn’t a huge quantity, but I was still at a healthy 20% increase. But, with all of that said, you should do what you think is intuitive. Only way to be better at this game is to do it based on your own decisions and learn from your own mistakes.
+2 回覆
alanmasters chantzrisse
@chantzrisse, Amen.
+1 回覆
will Burst be affected by BTC drop? when will drop begin?
@cryrok, It is moving positive now.
Update please
@YABALL, We are moving... Update posted.
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