Top Altcoins Buy Before Consensus 2018 (+Altcoins Market Update)

This is our last chance to buy up on Altcoins before Consensus 2018 (the annual blockchain technology summit).

Every year, the cryptocurrency community holds this event. The entire cryptocurrency market tends grow big time after that. So get ready.

Right now we are having a healthy correction right before this event, which is good, as this prepares the "soil" for the growth that is about to happen.

A correction removes all the weak hands, allows the market to breath, welcomes in new buyers and gives us new room for growth.
We started to check the different Altcoins that are going to explode once the Altcoins market Bull Run start. I am expecting for this bull run to start Mid to Late May (in just a few weeks from now). With this correction we are having now, We/You have the opportunity to buy in, rebuy and reload on all of our favorite Altcoins.

You can find all of our active trades by visiting my profile here on Trading View: Alan Masters on Trading View

On top of our many great trades; long term trades, let me mention some of the coins/tokens/projects that have the most prominent spots in the coming Consensus, which makes these very likely to grow more than others.

The Altcoins that will be getting the most exposure at the Consensus 2018 are the following (based on the time they will speak at the Consensus):

Monday May 14th, 2018

- People are really hyped up about Ark (ARK).
- Decentraland (MANA) and Bancor (BNT).
- Agrello ( DLT ).
- Stellar ( XLM ).
- THEKEY ( TKY ) and Civic ( CVC ).
- Litecoin (LTC) and AION (AION).
- Qtum (QTUM).
- Pundi X (NPXS)
- Zcash (ZEC)

Tuesday May 15th, 2018

- Salt Lending (SALT) and Polymath (POLY).
- BLOX ( CDT )
- VeChain ( VEN ).
- MedicalChain ( MTN ).
- Zcoin (XZC).
- Circle Special Announcement.

Wednesday May 16th, 2018

- Etherum (ETH)
- Streamr DATAcoin (DATA).
- Emercoin ( EMC ).
- Waves (WAVES) (WCT).
- Steem (STEEM).
- Enigma (ENG).

Sponsors of Consensus with a tradeable coin/token)

Note: Remember, I am only sharing this for your information. These coins can become really good money makers for us in the weeks and months ahead. Let's continue...

Higher Sponsorship = Higher Exposure

Four Block Sponsors

*** ARK, SONM, NEM/XEM, Ripple, VeChain

Three Block Sponsors

*** Icon (ICX), QLC ( QLC ), Lisk (LSK)

Two Block Sponsors

*** Agrello ( DLT ), AION, Civic ( CVC ), Cobinhood (COB), Ethereum Alliance, DASH, Nebulas (NAS), Polymath (Poly), Zcash (ZEC)

Single Block Sponsors

*** Aelf (ELF), Bitcoin .com ( Bitcoin Cash ), Bodhi (BOT), Decred (DCR), Factom ( FCT ), Salt Lending (SALT), Santiment ( SAN ), WanChain (WAN), ZCash (ZEC) sponsoring the scholarship award

That's all there is for the Consensus 2018.

Get ready for the action.

Enjoy the slow days.

Take it very easy.

Because soon we will start to get paid!

評論: The Consensus effect and price increase for the Altcoins market that I am talking about is long term. I am not talking short term in the hours and days, I am talking long term in the weeks and months range.

We can expect to see the effect only a few days after the consensus just as it can take 2-4 weeks. The Consensus is not the only reason why the Cryptocurrency market will grow massively in the coming months, it is just another piece of a very BIG puzzle.

I don't do anything in the very short term when trading because it takes lots of time. I rather use the "relaxed" approach where I just buy low and later sell high. I don't mind price swings. These are completely normal and ok. We just let those happen as they always do.

This is just a strategy, there are many different ways to trade and each individual can trade according to their own needs.

So keep in mind that the price of a coin can go up at the Consensus, just as it can go up 4 weeks after just as it can go down. This too will be for the market to decide.

I am pointing out these coins as they are going to be attracting investors and new buyers for sure since this event gets lots of attention within this market.

We can expect the Altcoins market bull run to go from Mid-Late May to Early-Mid July. Of course, what really happens is for the market to decide, this is based on history and past experience.

I appreciate you for reading this update.

I want to thank you for your support again.

交易進行: The Consensus 2018 (the annual blockchain technology summit) starts today.

Some of the coins mentioned above started to move already. We will see how this all goes.

Thanks a lot for your great support.
Thanks for all the comments, likes, follows and share.

Thanks a lot for all the patience.

Many more opportunities, from me, will come your way.

評論: If you visit my profile you can find trades for the following coins that are participants / sponsors at Consensus 2018:

-> Alan Masters has open and active trades for:


I will be sharing many more trades in the coming days.

Thanks reading.
手動結束交易: Today is the end of the Consensus 2018.

Thanks a lot for reading this post.

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folks listen to me. this buddah is clown. he is wrong every single time he posts something here. you follow this buddah you lose your lifesavings. mark my words.
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WARBUCK leorio
@leorio, And this comment is a fail. Please site examples if u are going to disparage a TV contributor with the reputation of alanmasters.
Keep in mind NOBODY gets it right all the time. He offers free opinions and should be considered a % of your research prior to playing.
Life savings? You are doing it wrong.
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@WARBUCK, Thanks a lot for the support.
cricfan leorio
@leorio, absolutely spot on...this alan guy is a hoaxer.
zjobrien leorio
@leorio, He's helped me make plenty of money. Not sure what you're talking about.
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AlanSantana zjobrien
@zjobrien, Your support is highly appreciated.
Just to emphasize, your update to this post. Here are the previous consensus dates on BTC:USD. They can take the better part of a month before the market can see really impressive growth.
This is normal. No need for panic when it does't take off, or even dips. Relax. Patience. Moderate expectations.



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@OxHip, hi there
so what is your opinion?
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AlanSantana vejdanialireza96
@vejdanialireza96, Yes, the price increased a lot after a few months, that's exactly what we are looking for.
vejdanialireza96 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Do you have any opinion for NEO ?

could you please give me a TA for NEO for EOY 2018?