Wings DAO (WINGS) New Entry (550% Profits Potential)

Wings DAO (WINGS). I received many requests to update our long term trade for WINGS, as well as to provide new targets. I will be doing so, and also adding some shorter and mid term targets for those wanting to trade shorter term as well. So this new trade will be more appealing to all types of traders rather than long term traders alone. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is my trade analysis, for you, for Wings DAO vs BTC . This coin is available for trading on many exchange, of the big ones we have Binance and Bittrex, which are the main two we use to make easy money. So, now ... let's trade!

Wings DAO ( WINGSBTC ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Here is WINGS 1D chart since October 2017: 

- We have bullish divergence on the MACD for the 1H and 2H time frames... Early reversal signals?
- We have the MACD doing higher lows on the daily time frame since mid-October 2017.
- Consolidation phase for Wings DAO (WINGS) is coming to an end, it is time to buy in, rebuy and reload.
- Trading on the lower end of the Bollinger Bands .
- Time to position ourselves for a long term trade.


Buy in: 0.00005400 - 0.000066

Wings DAO (WINGS) Targets:

(1) 0.0000757
(2) 0.0000916
(3) 0.0001045
(4) 0.0001294
(5) 0.0001593
(6) 0.0001852
(7) 0.0002171
(8) 0.0002580
(9) 0.0003151
(10)0.0003879 (All time high)
(1) 0.0005970

Please note that these targets are for reference only. Our trade can reach up to target #5 just as it can go all the way to target #10. We really don't know how high or low the price will go, but having all the targets mapped out, gives us the advantage of knowing when we will face resistance if we start to challenge new highs. I will post an updated as soon as we have enough profits and when I consider that the trade can be closed and we move on.

Remember that each time a target is reached, you can sell a small portion of your coins in order to secure profits. You can use this profit to enter new trades or simply to withdraw for other uses. Securing profits is very important as we are here to make money.

Stop loss: 0.00004850

I AM FORGIVEN (8-Jan-2018)

Today I learned another lesson, it was an interesting day.
What about you, from life, is there anything to learn today?

We have experiences all the time, where we can put our blame or leave our trust.
But these same situations will teach, that it can also be solved with love.

It doesn’t really matter what happens, if you stand up you can always keep up.
Doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you have the strength to keep moving on.

So whenever there is a problem, that you have to face yourself.
Make sure to stand in front of it, and tell it “I am ready, you are about to see my true self”.

The next second you see how your problems disappear... and all you can see is another lesson...
Another lesson that you feel grateful for having been able to overcome.

May 14
交易進行: We are within range, feel free to buy in anytime you want now.
Dec 01
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You're TA just never pans out
@PaulC69, Check my public Telegram. Amazing results with most of our trades. Right now all in profits and many more are on their way.

P.S. Thanks for your support.
@alanmasters would you please update this trade? thanks
@jasonyvr, I will take a look.
Any updates?
Any updates Alan?
I have 2700 wings :))))
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