eBoost (EBST) Strong Fundamentals (1115%+ Earnings Potential)

eBoost (EBST) is available to be traded on Bittrex and is a coin that has great potential as well as fundamentals. Let's start with the fundamentals by taking a quick look as to what is in store for eBoost in the very near future:

- eBoost (EBST) - Airdrop (15-May). You can get the new Alaris coins simply by holding eBoost.
- eBoost (EBST) - ALA Airdrop (23-May).
- eBoost (EBST) - Listing on New Exchanges (before end of Q2 - No confirmed date)

As you can see from the list above, eBoost will be having an Airdrop, which is when coin holders receive "free" coins of a newly forked/created coin out of an already existing project. So people holding eBoost can receive this new coin without having to pay anything extra. This tends to explode the price of any crypto days and/or weeks before the event takes place. This is a very strong signal and promises huge gains for this coin.

eBoost (EBST) Trade on Bittrex with Strong Fundamentals by Alan Masters


This coin has really strong fundamentals and shoots up high when the time to rally comes. We are using a target that is between the all time high reached on June 2017 and the last peak on January 2018 for our "earnings potential". eBoost had a strong breakout on the 9th April and it is now trending up. With the fundamentals mentioned above, we don't need anymore details to trade this coin.


Buy-in: 0.000042 - 0.000062



(1) 0.000068
(2) 0.000081
(3) 0.000089
(4) 0.000103
(5) 0.000125
(6) 0.000157
(7) 0.000200
(8) 0.000290


(9) 0.000437
(10) 0.000547
(11) 0.000669
(12) 0.000860 (All time high)

Note: By looking at the long term charts you can tell that when eBoost rallies, it shoots up high and fast and then retraces even faster, so make sure to set up your sell orders before hand as you might not have the time to sell manually when a target is reached.

Stop loss: 0.000032

Trade strategy: With the airdrop coming, you can aim big on this one, so aim for big profits. I am setting sell orders for about 20-30% of my EBST aiming for the higher targets and keeping another 20-30% on hand to see how this coin/trade develops, the rest will be used to sell manually as the trade develops... You never know, the cryptocurrency market is really an amazing money maker for people like us. Let's position ourselves now and see how this trade goes.


I've been here forever.
You are here now.
We will be here always.

We've always been alive because we life forever.
We life forever because we are life.
Now is always and I will always be alive...

Because LIVE IS NOW!

評論: Because LIFE* IS NOW!

Correction. (Thanks for the support).

Enjoy this trade. This will be a very profitable one if you have the patience to wait for it to fully develop.

評論: Looks like eBoost (EBST) awnts to start moving right away.

Make sure to jump in, this can be a very, very profitable trade. Check the long term chart so you can see what I am talking about.

Present movement, short term, 1h chart, turning bullish:
交易進行: Take a look at June 2017 all time high and January 2018 top:
We have huge potential just by aiming at the January peak. If we challenge the all time high with the airdrop that is coming, then the potential is even bigger.

I will keep a close eye on this trade.
交易進行: We hit our first target today. With less than 30 hours since sharing, up to 30%+ profits already.

Here is the chart: 
eBoost (EBST) Targets:


(1) 0.000068 * Target reached 7-May *
(2) 0.000081 * Next target *
(3) 0.000089
(4) 0.000103
(5) 0.000125
(6) 0.000157
(7) 0.000200
(8) 0.000290

Let's continue...


P.S. For more, many more, amazing trades now, secure, safe, profitable and with detailed instructions (easy to follow), make sure to support me by liking, following, sharing and commenting now in all of my trade ideas, as you normally do (thanks for the support).
評論: Looks like eBoost (EBST) wants more action... That's completely fine with me. The higher the price goes, the better for all of us... WIN-WIN-WIN!

評論: This one just keeps on going.

This is very entertaining.
評論: 15-May is the snapshot. This is the date that we should be looking for to sell. We sell before this date.

23-May is when the coins are going to be released (Airdrop). This is basically irrelevant to us. The price normally drops right after the snapshot and that's why we have to sell before it happens.

If you want to buy these coins, then you can buy them after the snapshot when the price drops. For now we wait for the price to go up, as high as possible, and later we sell as close to the top as possible.

That's the strategy.

Many beginners will get caught in the hype that's how it always happens.

We will see if this time is the same, but so far it is always the same. It happens literally as the say goes... "Buy the rumor, sell the news".
評論: I am holding this nicely. I am up to 50% in profits from buy in price.

We are consolidating now and the price is holding incredibly nice. I am still waiting to sell, haven't sold a dime. I believe this one can be a very profitable one. Normally I would be selling somethign by now, but I want to take my chances and aim big on this one.

Here is the chart:
I believe that we can see movement again pretty soon.

We can wait patiently...

We always wait patiently while in profits!

評論: Looks like we have a second chance to rebuy and reload.

Feel free to load up on eBoost (EBST) while we wait to move back up.
評論: In the latest Alaris video, available on their Twitter account (, they mention buying eBoost on Bittrex to get Alaris. So it is very likely that this airdrop will be supported by Bittrex or else they wouldn't be mentioning it on their video.

Check the link and feel free to comment in the comments section.

I also reloaded some more eBoost (EBST), I am really looking forward to see how this one will do.

Thanks for reading.

交易進行: Bittrex will not support the Alaris airdrop. This is why eBoost (EBST) price is dropping hard now.

Here is the link:

Due to the timing of this event, and the fact that there was no warning, we will continue our trade based on the instructions above.

Trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss, which is also optional.

So we can remain calm, we still have another 5 days to go for the snapshot. And seeing the fact that a crash already happened, we might as well get some Alaris :)

I will keep you updated and we are now back within buy in range.

評論: To get FREE Alaris tokens, in the case that eBoost (EBST) does not go back up (we still have a big chance of going back up), you can just download their wallet and send your coins there. The snapshot is going to be on the 15th May.

Here is the eBoost official wallet link:


In the meantime, we wait patiently.

評論: This might sound a bit crazy for a few but I am reloading on eBoost. I am buying up at the lower prices (buy the dips).

We are outside the Bollinger Bands and reaching oversold on the RSI on several time frames, not to mention that the Snapshot and Airdrop for Alaris will still happen. So we can still profit from this coin/trade.

The best scenario we go back up. Plain and simple.
In the worst case scenario we just have to wait. Plain and simple.
But if we remain calm, we will always be winners at the end of this game.


P.S. The chart:
評論: If you are having problems with the eBoost (EBST) wallet, you can try checking out OctaEx, this exchange supports the Alaris airdrop.

You can find it here:

In the meantime, you can just hold your eBoost (EBST) on Bittrex, we still have time for this trade to develop.

Here are the eBoost wallet results from VirusTotal (21 negative : 38 positive):

About the eBoost wallet: That is something for their team to take care of. I cannot offer support on that.
評論: Earlier I showed you the 2 hours chart. Here is the 1h and 2h charts updated:

We are seeing early reversal signals and we reached oversold on the RSI on these time frames.

We are outside the Bollinger Bands on the 4 hours chart.
評論: I am still holding patiently after the Bittrex crash.

eBoost has now submitted applications to be listed on RightBTC and Binance.

Remember that the easiest way you can get your Alaris tokens (eBoost Airdrop) through OctaEx (an exchange). You can sign up with this exchange and hold your EBST there and that's all you need. You need to have your coins there before the 15th May. So we have plenty of time.

As for the chart, we bounced from the EMA50 (magenta) line, which tends to be a very strong support and we are hovering on the lower end of the BB:
評論: I am still holding through. If you hit your stop loss, you can choose to close this trade.

I'll be waiting for the last minute to see how this will develop and move to OctaEx to get the free Alaris tokens for the airdrop on the 15th May.
評論: This one never made it back into the positive, tomorrow is the Alrais Snapshopt.

I will be transferring my coins to OctaEx to get the Alaris tokens based on the 15th May Snapshot for the Airdrop.

The Bittrex trick took us by surprise.

For this trade, there are several options for you to take that I can recommend:

1- Take a loss. You can sell and move on.

2- Take the free coins and hold. You can get the Alaris tokens for free, the "Airdrop" and keep your eBoost as well. With these coins you can make money if you wait. You will be getting the equivalent to 50% of what you hold now in eBoost as Alaris tokens.

3- Hold Long. With eBoost losing over 100% of its value in a few days, reaching oversold on the 4 hours time frame and finding support there; There isn't much down left to go, but it will take time to consolidate and move up. So you can hold until we do the next wave up. You can rebuy and reload to reduce your average buy in price, or simply wait.

4- This is why we diversify. This is a great example of a trade gone bad. We can take some profits, yes, when the price goes up, but sometimes the trade goes bad and diversifying reduces our risk since we only put a portion of our capital into a trade, so that if something goes wrong, the market goes against us, then we only lose a small percent.

Thanks for your continued support.

評論: eBoost / Alaris Airdrop updated date according to one of our readers, based on a reply on Telegram:

16 May - UTC 06:59

I would prepare everything now and not wait for the last minute.
評論: I just signed up for OctaEx, the exchange supporting the Alaris Snapshot / Airdrop, and it worked flawlessly.

I sent eBoost from Bittrex to OctaEx and it happened within minutes.

It should be easy to move your funds there and get the free Alaris tokens. They will be worth 50% of your total eBoost value in Bitcoin. So you will get 1 Alaris for every 2 eBoost tokens.

Hope that helps.

(OctaEx invitation code: WS653617)
評論: Snapshot update:

"EBST deposits and withdrawals will be halted on @octaex for a period of 13hrs beginning on May 15th 18:31 UTC and ending May 16th 07:31 UTC to support the Snapshot for @alaristoken Airdrop. #CryptoNews #airdrop #bitcoin @AirdropAlert #cryptocurrency #ebst"
評論: Snapshot complete. You can now do whatever you like with your eBoost tokens, you will receive the Alaris (ALA) tokens on the 23 May if you had your coins on OctaEx or your eBoost desktop wallet.

"Our snapshot is complete! Both @octaex and your local wallet are ready for the #AlarisAirdrop on May 23rd. Anyone who did not participate in the snapshot, cannot participate in the airdrop. Thank you for being apart of our community! @alaristoken is ready, are you? $EBST $ALA"


Looking at the 4 hours chart, I am already seeing signs of accumulation. We are most certainly near the bottom, I will ride this one out long term. This is easy for me, as I follow my own strategy and I diversify a lot.

Here is the chart:
I will allow time for eBoost to consolidate and move back up as well to see how the Alaris launch will go.

評論: Alaris Airdrop update from eBoost Twitter account:

"The #AlarisAidrop is today! Join our telegram for more in-depth troubleshooting. The @alaristoken wallet can be downloaded here:

REMINDER: Only those who participated in the snapshot can receive the airdrop.


評論: I am not seeing any Alaris (ALA) tokens in my OctaEx account.

If you need support on getting the Airdrop, try their Telegram group shared above.

I will wait a few more days and see if the coins are there.

I'll wait patiently until they figure it out.

I don't mind waiting, let's see how they handle this process.
評論: Latest update from eBoost Twitter account: "Distribution for @alaristoken has started! $ALA will go out in batches. Many have already claimed their $ALA and we couldn't be happier! Join our telegram, , for any troubleshooting.

@alaristoken begins trading in June!"
手動結束交易: After the huge drop that took our money, the OctaEx exchange isn't even giving any of the Alaris (ALA) tokens.

We can take this one as a loss and move on.

The important part is to learn from my mistakes.

Next time I will be more careful and give you better suggestions when it comes to selling.

Thanks for your support.

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Two days ago volume was ~200BTC now is 658BTC - someone is playing with us. There will be rocket pump in 2-3 days ;)
+7 回覆
Is it still possible to increase, bro?
+6 回覆
AlanSantana LDuyThanh
@LDuyThanh, Yes but it can take quite a while.
I think there is a lesson to be learned for everyone here, including Alan.
Trades can go right or wrong, but no matter what, someone in Alan's position, should be more responsible when hyping or pushing coins.
+6 回覆
@KERZMES, Namaste my friend. Highly appreciate your comment.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.

If it goes bad, we accept it, without a complaint.

If it goes good, we take the profits and we celebrate.

That's all it takes.

I am learning a lot, always, GROWING, every single day!

+4 回覆
KERZMES AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Much love to you!
Packleader AlanSantana

Hi Alan,

I can't find Deposit/Withdrawls in this exchange can you give me some tips

I guess some people think they should win every trade. But if you had a 100% perfect record you certainly wouldn't be here on TV giving FREE chart TA now would you.

I think we could all do without the nasty comments by unrealistic followers.

I'm way down on this trade like you and everybody else so I just want to pick up some free tokens on the airdrop and be on my way.

It looks like this coin has periodic spikes possibly from P & D so I'm just going to put in a high limit sell order and wait for that to happen.

Thanks again for all that you do,
+1 回覆
AlanSantana Packleader
@Packleader, Thanks for your support.

If you don't have access to OctaEx, the next choice is to try their Desktop wallet.

Send a small amount as a test, and if it all works fine, you can transfer your coins there for the Alaris airdrop, which gives you 50% the value of your EBST, which is already something.

Waiting long on this one, both EBST and ALA are very likely to go up in the near future (within a 2 months time frame).

Hope that helps.

Daapstaaf KERZMES

Its your own responsibility. Lets just be patient or go for the free coins.
KERZMES Daapstaaf
@Daapstaaf, Of course it is my responsability, there is no doubt about it. As a matter of fact I love Alan, he has made me ton of money, literally, and I am VIP member on his site as well.
But I was referencing to the fact that there are a lot of people who just got caught on the hype.