Pivx (PIVXBTC) Buy Opportunity (303% Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:PIVXBTC   Pivx / Bitcoin
Pivx (PIVX) is looking good for a buy. I've been tracking this coin for a while now and even set an alert for a price drop that never materialized. After reaching 0.000740 a few days ago, Pivx retraced nicely and it is now hovering around the lower part of a sideways channel. This one is available on both Biance and Bittrex...

PIVX had its period of consolidation, we can expect action very soon from this coin.

Upcoming events for PIVX:

- Pivx (PIVX) - zDEX Release (30-June or earlier). The PIVX Core wallet will provide a fully decentralized and anonymous exchange for zPIV and Bitcoin .
- Pivx (PIVX) - 4x events - U2F Integration, I2P Network, Elastic Block Sizes and Dedalion Protocolo (31-December)

I consider this a good "buy opportunity" to load up on Pivx before its next take off.
Let's get started shall we?

Pivx ( PIVXBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000555 - 0.000645


(1) 0.000719
(2) 0.000784
(3) 0.000907
(4) 0.001035
(5) 0.001233
(6) 0.001433
(7) 0.001800 (All time high)
(8) 0.002100

Note: Not all targets are meant to be reached. Set up a goal/target for this and other trades and stick to it. For example, depending on how the trade develops, I can aim to earn 50-60% profits on this trade, once I've achived this, I sell and move on. You can also set up higher targets, such as 120-150% or more. It is completely up to you. You can set your sell orders right after buying in, selling a small portion of your coins on the first short targets and bigger portions as we hit the higher targets.

If you are already satisfied with your profits and want to move to a different trade/coin, you can sell up to 80% of your holdings and leave 20% in case we go "crazy" and hit the all time high and try to climb higher to reach a new top. Even 10% can give you magical earnings when a trade explodes. Remember this is the cryptocurrency markets, anything can happen once the market is in its full bull mode.

Stop loss: 0.000529

Very tight stop loss. Minimum risk with this trade, huge earnings potential. Hold patiently, and once we star to hit our targets, secure profits and later enjoy your profits.

This whole trading business is really flexible and the goal is to come out on top. The goal is to profit from this trade. So once you enter the profit zone, feel free to sell whenver you want and remember that securing profits is always the best choice that you can make.

評論: The fun starts right away...
交易進行: We are (PUS) Positive, Up & Strong!

Looks like PIVX is getting ready to make a move soon.

Why do I think that? We have been going sideways, while accumulating and showing strength.

Here is the 2h chart:
- We are above water here. Just a small push can boost the price up.

Enjoy the profits!!!

評論: New trade:
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Buddy , you are amazing.
Keep up the hard word.
+3 回覆
@zeuszen, Thanks for the support.
Staking via zPOS is a novum - Pivx Devs are ingenious
+3 回覆
moon is coming to PIVX , watch it guys !!
+3 回覆
@SyGambler, we will hit the Moon Bro >> i love chocolate
+1 回覆
This one is really interesting. I'm All in PIVX
+3 回覆
@DJANAS1ST, has been a long-time sleeping giant. Let's pebble its head to see if it wakes up already!
+2 回覆
AlanSantana DJANAS1ST
@DJANAS1ST, Good luck.
+1 回覆
uday3014 DJANAS1ST
@DJANAS1ST, Me too , most undervalued coin in crypto market. community is solid , coin is amazing . upcoming projects are thrilling. PIVX will moon , it will be quicker and faster.
+1 回覆
AlanSantana uday3014
@uday3014, I am looking forward to that.
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