when will the next pump ?

hello, i wish your chart will be true because i bought xrp from 2.27 and holded it all day long ,but i am afraid from Bitcoin , if bitcoin drops Ripple also down ? or down a lil bit and go to moon again ? what do you think ? please share thanks
kwarty ribame4
@ribame4, we have the data that shows correlation between BTC and XRP. It is 0.05 for the last 90 days, that means the BTC has a little influence on XRP price, but it is the lowest index among the other coins and tokens (check out the website sifrdata . com).

I am holding it long because it have already integrated into big banks in Korea India and USA. XRP future very impressive! Good luck!
BabaGoli kwarty
@kwarty, I agree with you, xrp is worth having in your portfolio
kwarty BabaGoli
@BabaGoli, their CEO always on CNN, Bloomberg TV shows which will be as a marketing strategy that will make it to massive adoption in banks in nearest future (in my opinion they want to bring the information to the CEO of banks :shades:)
Thank you)))
kwarty kwarty
@BabaGoli could it replace the SWIFT system role?! Time will tell!
Thank you! :)
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