Ripple Technical Analysis - UPDATE

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hi traders, so we have been tracking Ripple for the past few days and here is a slight update on the current status. As you can see from the chart, Ripple has formed a trading range that could be both: an accumulation (if we brake up from the trading range) or a redistribution (if we break down). Once we get a breakout, we will understand and have a better view of the next move.

Thank you,
評論: Ripple broke the range.
How coincidence... Small banning fud from south korea that already been tweeted Monthly since November could trigger massive drop to all crypto coin, in conjunction with BCH to enter GDAX tomorrow to replace bitcoin as payment...
Hey Sir. Thanks for all the post and ideas that supply the community with. We posted this idea on our twitter account for Ripple (XRP) Jan 12th 2018. We had the buy in zones at $1.60 , $1.40, $1.20. All targets was hit. Today Ripple/USDT was trading at 1.13. Here is the idea posted on our twitter account. Follow me for updated charts. Thanks again.

whats going to happen now? :S
Trying to follow your idea once more sir, catch the wave in 1.5 (wish not to high) in the stormy market like these 3days
I think its time to buy XRP, ETH, BCH now.. a big sale.. r u looking for 30% more dip? maybe its never come... Start buying in slots :)
Rush In Precipice (RIP)
I bot at $1.30; $1.25 is 61.8% fib retracement good entry point. More upside than downside.
@josephtse, I was a little late... woke up saw it at $1.21 and was waiting for .88 cents . From 1.21 it reversed (Bitstamp) and I bought back in @ 1.33 Expected to go up to $5.26 easily. I am following BabaGoli.
It is a big ass head and shoulders pattern,dont you think?
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