RIPPLE get ready for a breakthrough!!

We are fighting the favorite of the BTC market for the breakthrough of the bearish resistance line.
Some alts show signals before BTC , now XRP is just from this category

Consider a 4h chart, a tool in a bullish mood, as evidenced by moving averages. EMA 5 is higher than EMA 13, and to EMA 50 is very far.

The market profile shows the set of position in POC SUPPORT, which gives a great chance of rebound into the zone of imbalance. Also, the price is for EMA 13, which gives additional support

We observe at once several divergences: RSI and OPEN INTEREST

The reduction of teak volumes also gives a signal of the impending movement

The nearest target is 0.70 XRP, at the entrance to the zone of imbalance the asset will necessarily return to the key level after confirmation (and, of course, to drop all weak players). After that, the bulls will struggle to continue the trend and go to the next resistance point 0.90 XRP.

We recommend entering the market or adding to the position after the start of the movement and after the test of 0.70, get additional confirmation and will sleep calmer

With 80% probability, the asset will continue to move

I invite all comers to try our indicator of open interest V2
手動結束交易: The BTC market favorite shows signals for a short position! At XRP we reached the first goal and resistance level and rebounded, if BTC thoroughly goes down about growth there can be no question. the shape of the head of the shoulders is potentially formed !!
What's your price target for 2018? Nice work BTW.
fvb GenX9
@GenX9, good afternoon
nearest target 0.99
for2018 2.5-........
Good luck !
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