XRP 50% Drop 7-10 DAYS

XRP -> Buy The Rumors Sell The News

Coinbase announced there will not be a listing of any new coins on the exchange.

XRP has a very good run. But lets be realistic this was not sustainable and had to correct hard.

Target $.80-1.00
Time 7-10 DAYS

I would not short XRP anywhere around this area. The correct short was at the top. This is just too dangerous.

Good luck!
交易進行: This is your SHORT XRP Strategy
評論: XRP News is that they are partnering with Moneygram for transactions. They may give it a little lift.
交易結束:目標達成: Target Reached - Potential Long
It is again the break point to the downside, hopefully it can dropdown heavily and then pick the energy again .
This is old news and the effect of Coinbase rumor has passed already. The reason most cryptos have dumped was because of South Korea news, which regardless the bill would need majority vote and this entire process can take months. Next, Ripple just teamed up with MoneyGram and this is great news. Ripple still remains a solid investment with an amazing partnership/client list.
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