4C Daily Levels Suite + Premarket High/Low

This '4C Daily Levels Suite + Premarket High/Low' indicator is a clean way to automatically plot important daily levels including:
Prior Day High
Prior Day Low
Prior Day Close
50% level between Prior High/Low
Today's Open
Today's Premarket Low+High

This Daily Levels indicator is unique in its ability to:
-Plot all of the daily level PLUS premarket high/low levels (extended hours must be turned ON)
-Can hide past days levels, only plotting levels on the current day, to keep chart cleaner
-Can extend line levels right or fullscreen
-Plots the level price at each level on the chart
-Can show/hide price levels labels
-Can add supplemental premarket levels plot to show levels being formed during the premarket time period
-Coded with vs plot so dashed lines are available as a style
-Automatically hides the indicator if the timeframe selected is Daily or greater


Default mode, with extended hours showing:

With supplemental premarket plot showing:

Default mode without extended hours showing:

Showing past day’s levels

Extend lines to fullscreen

Some parts of this code were adapted from 'pd Levels' by CryptoCurl
發布通知: Small update - moved each level's label positioning slightly further to the right to improve appearance
發布通知: Update 04/26/22
-Added settings input to be able to adjust label positioning. Default value is 10 bars to the right
發布通知: Update 042822
*Fixed bug where the Premarket High and Low labels did not show the correct price. Thanks to @Kielbasa for finding the bug
發布通知: Update
Small code reorganizing.
Also updating the main chart to reflect recent bug fix

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