Auto Fib Retracement Alerts

For the fibonacci traders.

The Auto Fib Retracement Is a good indicator for tradingview to show you the current alerts and points to watch in the market

This controls your alert levels

I have modified it to deliver the following

+Custom Fib retracement level alerts
+Drawing of old levels and retracement levels
+Backtesting Old Alerts

There are two shapes drawn on the chart;
Shown When the fib end is attained and market retraces back to your level
1. Buy retracement -
2. Sell retracement

How are they detected?

When we have new levels in the market; this is when the red or gree line changes, we calculate the new fib level that we will be watching for retracement
This is the purple level drawn on the chart
When the market first crosses below or above this level, The alert will be fired.
Consequent crosses are not updated

Enjoy! 😍
Originally requested by trade atechproduction
發布通知: renamed indicator title for better identification in list of indicators

Automate TradingView Alerts

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