Table Session

It's a part of a script taken from the lux_Algo indicator and optimized with the BTCUSDT symbol to display the real status of sessions since the crypto market is always open.

Key Features:

Customizable Sessions: Choose from major global financial centers, including New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. Customize the parameters for each session according to your preferences.

Intuitive Dashboard: The interactive dashboard displays real-time active and inactive sessions, providing you with an instant overview of the market status.

Automatic Timezone Support: Avoid timezone confusion with automatic exchange timezone support.

Customizable Aesthetics: Tailor the appearance of the table to your style with customization options, whether it's vibrant colors or text sizes.

Easy to Use: No technical expertise required. Simply enable the sessions you want to display and let the script handle the rest.

Why Choose "Table Session":

Time-Saving: Eliminate the time-consuming manual search for trading sessions. Our script does it for you, freeing up your attention for more critical decisions.

Unmatched Decision-Making: Instantly identify prime trading opportunities by understanding which sessions are active and when.

Total Flexibility: Customize the script to your trading style and preferred markets for a tailored trading experience.


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