Breakout Indicator

This script allows you to set breakout alerts.

An alert will be triggered only when price breaks and closes beyond the specified prices. You will get an alert on the first candle that closes beyond the levels you set.
發布通知: Small improvements to UI
發布通知: Small improvements
發布通知: Small improvements
發布通知: Modified alert system to allow for alerts to be sent before the candle closes
發布通知: Added offset setting
發布通知: Converted to Pine Script version 4
發布通知: -
- Converted to v5 of Pine
- Added "confirm" parameter to price inputs (so that you can select your breakout price with the mouse when adding the script to your chart)
- Added 2 more alert options to separate long & short breakout alerts
發布通知: - Fixed typo for short alerts triggering on long breakouts (whoops!)
發布通知: Updated to Pine Script v5

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