Supertrend Multi Time Frame - Auto HTF calculation

There is already SuperTrend indicator and thanks to its developer.

This script draws supertrend for current and higher time frame, it automatically calculates higher time frame and you don't need to adjust it when you change the period.

it also change the color of bars according to current and HTF supertrend, so you can see the trend by looking at bars color.

Bar color is lime if trend is up and red if trend is down. but if you see white bars then there is movement opposite the main trend.

if you like it please comment.

發布通知: Added Alert for Buy/Sell Signals.
發布通知: Upgraded to Pine v4
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you better use this one:
+18 回覆
Great work.
But there is small problem about alert and repaint.
1. Once signal is plotted, and after few bars it's changed. It disappeared.
2. Sometimes the signal is plotted at previous few bars, so the alert does not work.
Could you please check & fix it?
+11 回覆
@yeoyou, because it has repaint issue. I am writing new one without repaint issue
+9 回覆
Om_Pattanaik LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, plz provide the ink for the NON-REPAINT VERSION OF THIS INDICATOR
Link was updated:
+8 回覆
This works well, the ease of visuals and auto features in a simple form. Thanks
+4 回覆
Any video posted on this about guidance
+3 回覆
Can you create No-repaint version of this indicator??
I like the candle's coloring based on signals, that is not available in your new no-repaint indicator.
+3 回覆
HI LonesomeTheBlue

Sorry if i dont understand, i am pretty new here, but if i understand this correctly: If i have a 5 minute chart, it calculates all other supertrends that is higher than that? 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, 1 day and son on. I think you know what i mean:) Or does it only calculate one time frame that is higer then that the one i am currently standing on? For example if i have a 4 hour chart it only calculates 1 day supertrend also? If i have a 5 minute chart on my chart and it calculates all the higher time frames then i should always use 5 minute chart right? And see the supertrend there.

Thanks in advance,

+1 回覆
Hello. Thank you for the work you did. Do you have any idea why the alerts are not working on my side? Can I do something in the code or other? Have a good evening.
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